Plaid time!


I love my prints and patterns so when i hear the word PLAID, my mind (and most of yall as well) goes straight to Scottish skirts and culture really but there are just so many ways of incorporating this fashion print into your everyday wear without looking halloween-y.

The gallery above shows the different ways of dressing up the print in a fashion forward way and not just the Scottish round skirts, but also from dresses to pants to accessories, even the kids can rock this print as well. I love my plaid skater dress that features in the collage as well, it takes me from business to party in an instant by simply changing up the accessories. Most people do fear mixing patterns and that comes with plaid as well. My take is to simplify the look by making plaid the focal point of the outfit. In other words, less is more for my wardrobe to give the clean cut look but hey! anything goes really as long as you feel sexy and beautiful.

So next time, you see plaid, embrace it no matter the outfit and rock it!





Lace-making is an ancient craft, which started in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. Originally linen, silk, gold, or silver threads were used. Now lace is often made with cotton thread, although linen and silk threads are still available.
According to US Weekly, the raging trend is about realizing lace doesn’t just belong in the bridal or lingerie department. It’s all about co-coordinating pieces with your work wear – from tailored peplum jackets for chic silhouettes to lace riding jackets as well as beautiful dresses that work for after-hours functions. Lace is all about flattering lines, embracing curves and making women feel sexy in silk, lace and sequined numbers. Lace is versatile and can be worn over an event dress or paired with leggings and layered accordingly.
Lace has changed so much since it was first used in fashion. It was seen as quite traditional but with so many fabric developments and modern techniques out there now, it’s brought it back to life. Lace dresses are the sexiest trend this season, and have finally taken center stage on the most stylish stars, including Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Victoria Beckham and many more. Here is how to dress a black lace dress, depending on the look you want to accomplish;
Classy and elegant: Do you hair in a French braid, get a black sequin hand clutch purse with gold accents, a nice garnet bracelet, matching dangle earrings, black silk stockings topped with lace edgings, worn with a garter belt and peekaboo panties, and gold sequin 4 inch minimum heels.

Heavy metal/Goth look: Sky high 80’s shag hair with spikes, a black leather choker with an ivory cameo in the middle, totally forget the purse, fishnet stockings, and knee high black leather boots. Don’t go with the extreme make-up. Call attention to your eyes. They will be the only color on you. Opt instead for a serious shade of red, like a smoked crimson lipstick and highlight your natural beauty.

Serious power player look: raked spike hair with sparkles in it. Use eyeshadow that calls attention to your eyes and makes people want to look at you. Add diamond stud earrings, a single silver bracelet on your left wrist, with nude or transparent stockings. Silver 9 inch stilettos and a black silk reflective wrap to finish that look.
For shorts or tights: Pair a sleek black top, hip hat, and patterned tights with scalloped ivory lace to ground your attire. Instead of wearing nude heels, wear black patent pumps.
Usually, nude shades are of a Victorian-like feel leading to black pumps which balance and add difference to the matchy outfit. Add a silver broach to add a sense of a polished look. Most of all, experiment with the different outfits and enjoy the trend.




Hello beautiful and handsome,

Its Friday so i might as well just say TGIF. Its just the 14th or 15th day of the new year and i already feel such a rush and change within. Not just going with the “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” phase most of us go through each January and it phases midway February and probably ceases by Easter Weekend, I am talking about an appreciation of the word HAPPINESS.

So what is with this simple word HAPPINESS or joy? I might never know its entirety but the comfort and peace it gives me each morning and through out the day, is simply amazing and may be you will help me explain it with my few examples. First, unemployment brought some tears and heart break every 30 minutes or so and i could have easily wet my pillows more than i should at least on two or more nights but that strike of midnight on that beautiful New Year’s day brought a realization i could never have come up with and that is to make the best of my year no matter what!

So from that awesome morning, i decided to wipe my tears, put my best smile on (red lip, eyeliner, foundation too) and hold my almost toned head high. Yes, waking up feeling you have no purpose sucks most times but it gave me a determination i have never had before (OK, maybe not as much as saving up for my phone and shoes but you get the point) Instead of looking at the down side of things, i decided to look at the balance of it to find the middle ground of the situation. I had the best rest i have had in a long time, sleep in late, see my friends as much as possible, do random trips, enroll in amazing personal development online courses, look for better opportunities and best of all, enjoy time with my awesome family and eat healthier food each day. These are things i would probably have never thought of if i was so busy stuck on my desk. So that was my up side in this situation.

This has taught me to appreciate each stage of life i am put in, whether good or bad, i am where am meant to be and even if its not an uphill most times, looking at the brighter side of it has helped me be a better and happier person and i actually have the best mindset i have had in a while. Lesson is TO FIND YOUR HAPPY FEET IN EVERY SITUATION. I really hope you do as well.




Lets sparkle 2016


Someone once told me that an optimistic stays up until midnight to see the new year in and a pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. So as we count down hours to a New year 2016 and as excited as am always on this day, am also kinda forced to reflect on this statement.

2015 also started out with resolutions and wishes and the same old “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” memes on social media. i was as excited as usual as i watched the fireworks and cheers as the clock struck midnight. This year has been amazing with so many adventures and success but what would life be like without a few rain drops of failure, heart ache, pain and dreams unanswered.

Yes we lost people we once looked at as friends or minor sprains and bruises here and there BUT we also gained amazing people who actually turned into family plus we learnt how to limp around with that sprained foot and it wasn’t as bad as it had seemed at first. They say wounds make the strongest and bravest soldiers. We might have lost jobs or relationships but hey, you don’t lose something worth keeping, some thing worth keeping is on its way.

i learned so much this year, more than most years…whether good or bad, i learnt to let go and let God and that to me is a success all on its own. Although no one can go back to the past to amend it and make a new start, anyone can start from NOW and make a brand new ending. This New Year, i choose to be the optimistic anxiously waiting to see 2016,with open arms and heart plus pen to write my 365 Book of 2016 with eagerness to make it my best year yet, regardless of the rain drops that may fall my way once in a while. You are never too old or late to set another goal or dream a new dream so lets sparkle this year.

Enjoy 2016,

Spray it on!!!!!

I love art, you know me… am a little cray cray where art is concerned. Anything that may come off as bizarre, just attracts me. I love patterns as well so why not share my unique love of grafitti inspired looks? The trick to this loud funky look is to either go loud or just add small statement pieces to simple and block coloured pieces but the most key thing is to have fun while you rock it :)