Let it go


The year is coming to a close in a few weeks and as excited as I am to meet 2017, I just can’t help and wonder how amazing my 2016 has been. So much adventure, fun, new experiences and so much more. I also can’t help but think of all the trips and falls I have gone through.

One of my favorite lessons this year has been LET IT GO! If something doesn’t work out for me, I had to learn to let it go and keep it pushing. That means it wasn’t meant to be, also means its work in my life has been done and it’s time to go.

People come and go, they are like seasons of the sun. Some are for a lifetime, others are for a season. The issue is not knowing the difference which is so common and normal. It might be tough and hard but if someone wants to walk of your life, you just have to let them because you deserve better.

So many times you look back, and ask yourself what you were fighting for or dying for. Probably you don’t remember their names after a few months and it’s the most beautiful thing. Moving on! Some people are just there to take from you and throw shade once in a while but the most beautiful people are those who are the roots for us, to guide us and be there for us.

It gets easier when you decide to love yourself first so you know you deserve better. It just gets easier with each day if you keep pushing through. You need to learn to be alone and work on yourself before you will be comfy with other people.

It’s always best to sit in a corner with teddy bears happy and at peace than with people you are not sure of. Honey, let them go!

its time to put yourself first and be happy, by yourself for yourself!





Well after my previous post, somehow my writer’s block has been lifted. I have had so much to write about these past few days that i just keep scribbling on paper when the urge comes in. If you know me, you would have guessed by now that am much better at writing than talking. Yes! am one of those who text a 1000 word message describing my love for sushi or the new guy in my life or how crazy my life has been or just how amazingly gorge my new KLS wrap dress is! Yes..am THAT girl but am proud of it.

Visitng my Korean friends last weekend, i could not count how many times i saw the Chinese Characters for the words Faith, Hope,Love! Got me thinking of getting a wall sticker too but thats not the point of this post! These are simple words but yet i feel my whole life revolves around them.

I am not one to throw religion in anyone’s face. In fact i bet some of y’all think i might not have any because am so chill but the one thing am so proud of (except my yoddling skills) is my faith, hope and Love. My faith is what gets me through each day. Faith to get better, faith to get things done, hope for something better and i wear my love on my sleeves and am never afraid to express it. Yes again..am THAT girl!

I might not be the most prayerful or go to Church every single week. Heck! I might not even fast at all but am very good at believing. Believing in Higher Power, believing in myself, believing that things might not always go my way but there is a reason to that. Belief in something much more and greater than myself! I just know if you don’t have a belief system, life won’t just be.

Sometimes we just got to stop letting things happen and picture what we want in our lives – better jobs, good health, wealth, love, peace of mind. We need to speak things into existence. Am one of the most stubborn people i know!I will just get things in my head and go for them regardless of the adversities or road blocks. Sometimes,just sometimes, you just got of take a leap of faith and try to get things done, and stop thinking of the negatives and that little voice in your head that it can’t be yours! Am just one of those people who will tell you YES I CAN! I would rather have things not go my way than not trying hard enough.

It’s okay not to know what the future holds, its okay not to have all the answers to whatever we go through or have no expectations but where there is hope and faith, nothing is impossbile even when the world says no!

I just believe God does not put you where you can’t handle. I believe that when certain confusing times rock our lives, it will eventually make sense, no matter how hard it feels in the moment. The point is try your best at every opportunity at love, wealth, success and let it be..let it take you where its meant to and stop the what ifs or negative thinking. Negative thinking never makes it easier, but relish in the good and positive!

All we need is Faith, Hope  and Love!