Colbalt blue or what i love to call it – Electric blue has been a hit on the runway for years, mainly because it is great for all skin tones. It is great for mixing with other colors but can become over whelming if worn in a monotone. My best tricks are to add it with the following colors;

1. blacks and greys for a calming effect plus adds a sexy and impressive look.

2. Yellow adds a summer feel and makes the look airy.  If you are looking for a low key outfit, choose lighter shades of yellow. If you want to stand out, bolder shades will do wonders.

3. Whites/ Nudes for a romantic girly look.  Lace, satin, studs and metallic details, will just add up to the versatility, creating an outfit that you can simply describe as lovely. For a more dramatic look, use a red lipstick in the shade that is perfect for your skin tone.

4. Pastels. This is an outfit great for transition period and you can wear it during days and nights, whenever you want to look like you didn’t really try o hard to create an outfit. It is casual and elegant at the same time.

Have a look at my outfit choices.



Happy MARCH!!


Its the beginning of a new month. To me, new months bring new seasons, blessings, opportunities and above all, NEW BEGINNINGS! March is here y’all and that 3 months down in 2015. My year has been both magical and bumpy but with March comes a spring after the darkness and fogginess. Also this comes with my one of my fave things… SPRING FASHION! I can’t wait to share with y’all all my fabulosity and new trends this spring.

Until then, enjoy your new month and be blessed.



All black er’thing!!!

Black is the new black :) All black doesnt have to  be boring. It can be edgy and fashionable yet sexy if you follow the few tricks below:

1. Mix up textures to avoid a mono tone look, like leather and lace, fur, etc

2. Vary the shapes as well like peplums and cutouts for a fun look.

3. Be generous with accessories to add some edge and spice to the look.

4. Layer up the outfit by using a blazer for example.

But most of all, have fun and feel sexy in the look.



The Monochrome

The Monochrome trend started in the men’s wear collections but its sucha big hit with women’s fashion as well. Its all about getting the perfect mono color or print for a single outfit. Ofcourse my favorite is BW color combo as its simple, easy and simply stylishly classy. If you want to add a little whimsy and edge to your outfit without looking a lttle gothic, you can use my fave trick of combining different materials like leather, lace or cotton, plus different prints like flowers, dots and stripes. I love dots mixed with stripes. YES! mght sound a little clownish but done perfectly, can turn into a New York Fashion Week trend off the run way. Here are a few of my fave mono looks.



Turban Rule!!!!

I love head bands, flowers and anything accessory in my hair so i tried the 2014 turban look. Its so cute and effortlessly chic. The look comes in floral, tribal and any print really, it comes in satin, woolen,cotton as well.

If it is your first time playing around with turban headbands, here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Always brush your hair into place before you put on your headband. Once it’s on, it is very hard to adjust the hairs.
  2. Start by placing the front of the headband on your forehead and stretch the rest of the headband behind your head. For me, this is the easiest way to put on my turban headbands without messing up my hair.
  3. If you’re wearing a braid, after you have the headband on, pull out some hairs to frame your face and loosen up the look.
  4. If you’re leaving your hair down, simply fluff up your curls by pulling them apart to create fullness.
  5. You can also clip or hold all your hair in a pony tail and cover it with the turban.

whatever style you decide to try, just have fun and rock.