My Inspiration

For anyone who knows me, Cancer is a very touchy topic. As most people who have known a few people who have struggled with this disease, it is hard to think of it without shedding a tear but those people are my inspiration. Fighting for one’s life can’t be an easy thing and those are…

Sunday BEST

One thing i keep learning everyday is that a smile brings so much sunshine into someone’s life. So whenever you have problems, remember to smile at that storm because it won’t last long and the sun will be out again. Happy Sunday boys and girls. xoxo APW


My childhood memories can’t be complete without one of my best animations, TARZAN!! This is my best flashback memory and the soundtracks were amazing. Happy Weekend. xoxo APW

Work Out Wednesdays

And remember “Health is Wealth” and be healthy for you to feel good 🙂 xoxo APW

Crave Some Fruit

I love fruits and dairy products BUT the combination of the two is simply genius.Enjoy a healthy meal of froyo by adding your favorite berries or nuts (for mine,i like a bit of both) to a glass of frozen yoghurt to add a bit of healthy fruitiness to the mix. I like substituting a heavy…

Thank you to the readers

Two of my fave hobbies and leisure time activities is reading and writing. Yes! my Pre-school teachers taught me well.LOL! But writing and typing is what makes me happy..Its my own kinda therapy!So blogging is my best pass-time! Sharing thoughts and little ideas with people is the best invention geniuses came up with because my…

Yes YOU..

Happy week y’all. Keep smiling and blessing xoxo APW


Have a beautiful week. xoxo APW