Perfect feline eye!

If you know me, you would probably have figured by now that i love the feline cat eye make up, what people call the CAT EYE. I keep getting asked how i make it and so i decided to share with you here 🙂

All you need is a basic eyeliner but my fave is  MAC dark black liquid liner or pencil, lancome hypnose mascara black- 6.5g custom wear volume, a neutral color pallette and a really steady hand for the job. So here are my tips for beginners;

1. Find a shade of eyeshadow that is very slightly lighter than your eyelid skin tone. Apply it all over the eyelid using a large eyeshadow brush.

2. Apply a highlight color. Begin directly below your inner brow sweep outwards, following the natural arch of the brow.

3. Apply a darker brown into the outer crease of your eyelid. This should go all the way to the outermost portion of the crease.

4. Gently blend the crease color so that it is not too drastic

5. Using an eyeliner pencil, dot along the lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner. Do it close to the lash line. Only do about 4 dots.

6. Use the dots as a guide. Connect the dots slowly with a liquid liner. Try to stay as close to your lash line as possible.

7. Begin slightly slanting upwards when you get to the middle of your eye.Extend just past the corner of your eye. Once you have created the outline, fill it in.

8. Apply eyeliner to the lower lash line. This can be as thick or as thin as you’d like it, but be sure to stay close to your lash line—gaps are not desired in this look.

9. Apply dark mascara.






Statement necklaces!!!!

It’s the Christmas season and my favorite time of the year. I love statement necklaces and what better way to spice up your outfit. When donning a bold necklace, it is important to keep the rest of your look simple and sleek. Let the necklace make the statement, and if you feel it’s appropriate, compliment it with a bold lip. Here are some ideas from Lauren Conrad, as to how you can style a bold necklace with items you probably already have in your closet.

  • Keep it Collared. Update your oxford by buttoning your blouse all the way up. Then layer your look-at-me necklace under the collar so it is just peeking out from underneath the collar.
  • Minimize Distractions. Let your necklace shine by avoiding earrings all together (unless they are very subtle posts). Also, gaudy rings and excessive arm flair should be kept to a minimum. When I wear a bold necklace, I avoid extra jewelry all together. If anything, I will wear a few simple, thin band rings.



My little temptations

I love sweet treats so i indulge every time that i can. This year is for being a little more healthy, which means more rest, exercise, happiness and GREEN in my life so going more to greens and fresh vegies but a little indulgence can’t hurt 🙂 I love myself all these so every now and then i go for it since completely stopping might be a bit too harsh for me.. It starts in the mind so think healthy and happy all the time!


Every girl or lady needs a Little Black Dress, as i love to call it a LBD. The LBD is so versatile and chic and practically saves you on all occasions from dinners to cocktails to club. It just goes everywhere. I l=just love that you can dress it up with almost anything, depending on the situation. You can add a scarf, pair of cute boots and jacket on for a chilly evening look, spice it up with some red heels or even just tone it down for Church or serious affair. I love experimenting the LBD from lace to feathers to stretch to cotton, from peplums to jersey to pencil; i just think you can’t wrong with the right accessories and sass. So go out and get that LBD in your closet and learn how to change it up occasionally.

Boho Nation

Bohemian is such a laid down look, some people might be hesitant to try it but not i. I love its simplicity and airy materials. I just think it falls in all seasons and is timeless. My fave look is the Boho maxi dress because it is so versatile as it can go from beach to dinner in a dash. My all time favorite maxi is the pink floral item and I love adding different accents to accessorize my look, like long chains or hoops. You can add a cropped leather jacket for a chilly evening or my fave huge hat or panama for the laid back day look. I also love adding a pair of ankle boot to a just add a little more sass to the shorter boho dresses with some skinnies or stockings.

Thank you to the readers

Two of my fave hobbies and leisure time activities is reading and writing. Yes! my Pre-school teachers taught me well.LOL! But writing and typing is what makes me happy..Its my own kinda therapy!So blogging is my best pass-time! Sharing thoughts and little ideas with people is the best invention geniuses came up with because my diary was getting done and my pen was starting riot and complain of the constant jotting down! But the fact that people take time to read my blog still amazes me and i thought it right to thank you for reading. THANK YOU.