Under WHAT?

Most of us might avoid this topic but underwear is as important to an outfit as the outfit itself. The wrong fit can turn a runway look into a trash bin pick out. Wrong underwear can add more bulk, lumps and bumps that we are always seeming to try to hide. But the right ones will give you license to wear just about anything by accentuating your figure to its best advantage. For us, D cup majors, finding the perfect underwear might seem impossible but follow these simple tips from my bag of tricks and you can achieve the very best.
1) Know your size to the T. Comfort is about fit before all else. Underwear that pinches, pulls, squashes, rides up, and generally makes your life as unpleasant as possible should be avoided because you are not supposed to be uncomfortable or in pain. So always measure up before purchasing anything.
2) Accentuate your curves with the high waist briefs which secretly smoothes your tummy and nips your midsection and hips without being too tight, a great choice to wear with dresses that cinch at the waist.
3) Find the perfect bra. This elevates your look to a hole new level. It minimizes your waist too so the secret lies in the perfect uplift and fit for your chest. Always know your size and never go smaller as it will lead into bulky and unattractive looks.
4) Go invisible with boy shorts. Every underwear drawer needs a few pairs of cute but easy-to-wear styles that you’ll reach for again and again. Boy shorts are the men’s boxer equivalent for women. They’re comfy on everyone, no matter your figure. What’s even better about them is that they’re completely seamless, which means you can hide them under tight pants or a figure-skimming dress and no one will know.
5) Have fun experimenting all sorts of trends. Its all about your comfort and feeling sexy from the inside out. So go out there and shop for your new year with a few underwear tips. Don’t be shy about.

Christmas Blocked Brights

There is nothing that screams Christmas like brights and better when blocked. 2013 made it official that color was here to stay and what better tribute than with Christmas brights. Putting colors together might seem easy to some of us while the rest of us shy from the thought of it, but not to worry, am here to share some fave tips and tricks.
1) Team It With Denim!
Chambray counts as a blue, you know. Take a bright-hued pair of pants and team them with a butter soft chambray/denim shirt and neutral flats.
2) Clash Completely
Go for bold and wear similar hue. My favorite new way to wear colour is to pick a shade and wear it head to toe in differing tones. Embellished accessories up the wow factor on this look.
3) Mix The Print
Neons or citrus colours are the perfect addition to a pattern. Pick a graphic motif or busy print and build your outfit around it. The colourblocked piece is the finishing touch. Just remember to keep accessories and makeup clean and neutral.
4) Play With Pastels
Toughen up pale colors by teaming them with dark wintery shades. A candy-floss pink a-line skirt contrasts a buttoned-up forest green blouse beautifully, for a fresh, new approach to clean daytime dressing.
5) Belt It
Use a belt to create a color block effect. A contrast color accent belts allows you to try this trend without layering on different colors!
6) Block the Shoes
Let your shoes in on the act by selecting bold hued footwear. Pairing that with an alternate colored dress allows you to try color blocking in a different way!
With these few tips and tricks, you can rock that color for your festive season and have fun while at it.

Resolutions?Say what now?

So sitting in the couch, listening to our fave radio show and the presenter asks people about their year’s resolutions. Well, i wasn’t shocked when my mind went completely into a blur with no answers. When i think of my 2013, people seemed to give more eye contact, more patience, more hard work, dreams seemed bigger and minds more open. I should think this was the result of resolutions. Am fond of making a long list of goals to achieve, s̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶r̶i̶d̶i̶c̶u̶l̶o̶u̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶r̶e̶s̶t̶ , i should think it makes me seem more serious and less of a life free lancer but i kind of love it. I don’t mind making resolutions at all, every one has their own way of living but i just could not seem to keep up with the pace the year was running. So as i got back to my room and pulled out my 2013 Hand Book, opened the first page with deep breaths, i looked at my resolutions and none had been checked off the list. My heart made a huge sink and panic filled my mind. All i kept counting was the minutes, hours and days remaining to 2014 and calculating how fast i would get some done. The first was Be happy and smile more which seemed silly seeing the panic state i was in..so i run to my mirror and practiced the perfect smile then i tried to recall how many times i smiled which became stressful but since that day had been perfect, i checked it off. Next on the list was making someone smile per day so doing the same thing, tried recalling how many people i made smile this year.. so i just decided to check it off as well..and the list continued.. At the end, i realized i had graduated, been as nice as possible to people, was spontaneous, less stressed with certain elements in my life, made new recipes, blogged more as well plus i made stronger lasting friendships and memories with my friends, which to me, summarized a pretty cool year. Resolutions are not to refrain you from being imperfect or get crazy trying to finish them but to teach us to make goals that we can apply to our own lives. Many of us are just like me, we lose hope when the year is so close to ending and we really haven’t had a major milestone but not to worry, we all have our own timing for stuff so instead of panicking like me, you can keep a journal in which you can write down your day’s achievements, even the small ones like smiling at a stranger. So am excited to finish my resolutions and it is okay if i don’t as long as i tried, some might just enter next year and it is okay, my dreams will keep getting bigger and that is far better.

Crop It Out

So if you love a little skin like i do, you can opt for the crop top trend. It is huge right now and adds a little sexy to even the most serious of outfits. From sexy red carpet looks to meeting clothes, the crop top is the best way to take it to the next level of sass. Add a crop sweater to your ave jeans for an updated but yet sexy and laid back look. Maximize this miniature must-have crop with a stand-out pattern and bright colors like the sweet flower print or stripes which keeps things whimsical. You can flaunt your playful style by having fun with patterns and proportions. Both pieces can be on the shorter side like a high-waisted skater skirt with a hint of skin form the patterned crop top. The result is fashionable, not flashy, which every girl should be. You can add polish to your distressed boyfriend jeans with this show-stopping, sequined number crop top, like Rihanna. The sparkles are more suited to a swanky soiree, yet the boxy shape makes it cool enough for a casual shindig. If you favor the colorful classic A-line shapes and full skirts, this colorful get-up puts a contemporary spin on the feminine style. Its clean lines are totally cool, and although the brights can be decidedly girly, its fashion-forward and fresh, too. So go out there, show off your midriff and have fun.

Chritmas bitsNbites

Christmas is the time of the year for sharing things and just having fun with family and friends. I have a passion for food and not just any kind, sweet treats. I think of myself as a baker and it is one of my therapeutic methods. Its a few days to Christmas and what better way to celebrate but by incorporating sweet treats to your menu. I love cookies and each year, i try making them as festive as i can. One of my faves is lemon vanilla bites because i think lemon just screams festive with its strong aroma and zing but nothing like chocolate makes me think of the holidays. To make your treats stand out, try decorating them. If you new with the idea, a lot of sprinkles and glitter can do the job as long as you remember the festive colors of green and red. I love animated cupcakes and cookies as well. You can decorate anything from rein deers to Santa. The trick is to have fun while making them. Please let the kids join in the fun so it becomes a craft class for them and also family bonding time. I have added a few of my fave ideas for you. So get your edible glue and glitter and of course candy and have FUN!