RED or BLACK this valentines’??

So iam writing this post this sunday,wondering how on earth am going to handle my Valentines’ day this year; whether to wear a red hairband or black in mourning for the rest of the cliche looks this thursday has in store for little darling me.
Every year, i look out on the streets hoping and praying for a better Valentines’ day look and i get the same old red and black outfits. So what do we do this week as ladies and not just ladies- young, strong and beautiful ladies..did i mention; BEAUTIFUL? We walk out of that door on thursday looking gorgeous and confident..and never forgetting loving. So whether single or committed, Valentines should be a happy day. Strictly no sulking and looking old and raked this year.
Who needs a Valentine when you are the best for you? All you need is a fabulous outfit, perfect make up, confidence and a loving attitude and we are good to go. So be yourself and love yourself and this attitude will last a lifetime, you do not need nothing or noone to tell you how special you are when you have yourself.