imagesIt is the best feeling ever. Such an achievement walking up with mum and dad to the tents,dressed up in the gown and hat..i tell you,nothing beats that feeling. Nothing had prepared me for the fashion and glamor at the ceremony,surely people think alot when choosing what to wear. Hearing my name being called up and people screaming is incredibly is a true sense of relief and pleasure.
Having my friends there made it so much enjoyable as we shared in laughter and running down memory lane; from running up for tests, to beating deadlines for work, to the birthdays and prop and pomp of being in University. Surely we are blessed and as i start this new journey,i start with certainity that the God who brought us this far will surely never leave us.
Happy Graduation



Who said bright and fun was just for clothes? Bright and funky nails are a fun way to brightening up any outfit any day. Just get the pastels correct for that glamorous look and get creative. Have fun.


So my throw back this weekend is unhappy thoughts, stress and all things negative. No more sulking and wondering why certain things happen in my life: why my pink bag doesnt turn to purple over night for my graduation, why the dog next doors can’t seem to stop bullying me, why oh why oh WHY! Happy thoughts are all the rage now for me and this means saying positive things to myself and others. Yes we can!LOL.. So my fashion statement this coming week; Graduation week, is “keeping a smile, takes the wrinkles away.”
Have a blessed weekend.

Blessings in plenty

imagesWell i just passed a boy on the side walk,with nothing on his back and wounds bad enough to bring back the croissant i ate months back. Yes it is normal to see such sights but today is extra ordinary because the boy did not beg for a penny for himself but a little something for his baby sister on his back. Such an act of selflessness made me realize just how blessed I am every single day i breathe, talk, sleep and walk.
imagesLife has its own individual meaning according to everybody and its up to you and i to bring happiness and peace to that. We make life as we choose.. So today i chose happiness and contentment to be my meaning because we do not choose some circumstances that befall us sometimes, like these children. As the saying goes ‘ nothing lasts forever’ so we should always make the best of every experience, situation, challenge and opportunity that comes our way and do not forget to thank the Lord for every single blessing you get.

MaD fAsCiNaToR

A fascinator is a head piece worn to accentuate any hairstyle. This can be an alternative to a hat on any occasion. I can honestly say am a mad hatter of fascinators-bows, flowers alike. I just love me some fabulous head pieces and i have tried to collect of all colors and shapes. Yes am crazy like that! There is just something that a colorful ribbon or flower does to a boring hairstyle, just perfection in my own words. Call me the Blair Waldorf of real life- headbands just keep proving that all a boring outfit needs is a pretty accessory and they are simple to use. You can also add them to a jacket, bag or shirt for an evening glamor look if the whole headband thing is not your thing.
Have fun.