Happy Week

Have a wonderful week dolls


Practice that SMILE :)

“Happiness is always there, we just need to find it” is one of my favorite personal quotes. It is a lesson I keep learning daily and I hope it sticks. The one thing that i keep learning every day is that the only way to be unhappy in life, is to always try to please everyone. This is because we all have different tastes and options in life. The easiest example is entering an open market, we all have our different tastes in color from nudes to neons, material from silk to chiffon; so it is the same way, people have tastes in habits and personalities. Not everyone will love your quirky laughter or your giddy personality.
So the best way to live happily, is to let go and live. We all eventually find the person who accepts us for who we are. Thats why we have friends and family, and even them, like every relationship, we have misunderstandings. The other better way is not to expect much and be ready for the best or worst in situations, which might be hard at times, but it is usually the best. Nothing wrong with spontaneity.
Have fun