Just SMILE..

Its the weekend again and everyone needs to take a chill pill and relax off the week’s hard work and just lay down and SMILE. Have a fab weekend. xoxo APW


Have a fab start to the weekend xoxo APW

Fruit Up..

I just love fruits. To me, nothing is as refreshing as a good old bowl of mixed fruit salad. Most people do not like fruits that much, so that is why you can combine them with your favorite desserts like greek yoghurt, custard, pie and pudding mix. As the saying goes “An apple a day…

Aim to reach the goal post..

Its Monday again and as most people agree, Mondays can be such a drag from the relaxation of the weekend. But i choose to see each new week as an opportunity to get closer to my goals. I might not be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but my dreams are as real as their reality…


I believe in miracles and i believe they do exist and for that am a believer. I believe in getting everything someone has wanted for long if they believe and work hard at it. I also believe that things happen at their own time. Their PERFECT time. xoxo APW