Round Skirt Revolution

I love the simplicity of the round skirt. Its such an inspirational throwback because it has revolved through the decades. From Elvis Presley to now Kylie and Kendall Jenner. From long to short, its such an easy addition to any outfit. Enjoy. xoxo APW

Your happiness..

It is so hard to always think or do stuff that makes you happy. Somehow the world doesn’t always work out how we want it but if we stop looking at negatives and decide to live each day with hope and determination to do what makes us happy, the world can be a better place….

Sticks N’ Stones Baby

Never let people’s words get you down, Yes! they hurt but get up from them and smile! Never let anyone’s insecurities take your happiness away! As Dr. Seuss said “Be who you, say what you feel because those that matter don’t mind and those that mind,don’t matter” Stay beautiful and happy. xoxo APW

Capture THAT Moment

There is something beautiful about looking back at the funniest,heart warming, inspiring moments in our lives. That is why my camera is my BFF. I just love taking pictures, just love looking back at laughing at certain times i go through. This is why i have decided to add this theme for the week. Please…

Be YOU!!

Don’t you dare let some one ele’s opinions of you deter you from your goal or from your beauty. You might be too big or too small, too light or too dark, too curvacious or too skinny n their eyes but you are beautiful YOU!!! Love yourself, not what others say or think about you….