White eyes!

I love white eye make up. It pops the eyes and makes them more awake. I love doing the bottom of my eye or the inner corner for extra effect. The trick is to use a wax base pencil that sticks and easy to smudge if you want that effect. I did the black winged eye with silver white liner on the bottom lids.
I also love the cleopatra look in white instead of black but you can layer the look with black if you want, just like Kourtney in the pictures.
Don’t be afraid to wear white liner by itself — you’re a confident beauty-obsessed girl that can totally pull it off! Just trace your upper lid with a white pencil and flick the pencil toward the outer corner of your eye, like you’re drawing a check mark.
Line your lower waterline to instantly minimize the look of any redness in your eyes or go for 360 degrees of white shimmer eye liner realness like Rihanna.The singer lined her inner upper and lower waterlines with black eye liner, and then traced her eyes along her lash lines with a white shimmer pencil. So just go out and get noticed,