Lets sparkle 2016


Someone once told me that an optimistic stays up until midnight to see the new year in and a pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. So as we count down hours to a New year 2016 and as excited as am always on this day, am also kinda forced to reflect on this statement.

2015 also started out with resolutions and wishes and the same old “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” memes on social media. i was as excited as usual as i watched the fireworks and cheers as the clock struck midnight. This year has been amazing with so many adventures and success but what would life be like without a few rain drops of failure, heart ache, pain and dreams unanswered.

Yes we lost people we once looked at as friends or minor sprains and bruises here and there BUT we also gained amazing people who actually turned into family plus we learnt how to limp around with that sprained foot and it wasn’t as bad as it had seemed at first. They say wounds make the strongest and bravest soldiers. We might have lost jobs or relationships but hey, you don’t lose something worth keeping, some thing worth keeping is on its way.

i learned so much this year, more than most years…whether good or bad, i learnt to let go and let God and that to me is a success all on its own. Although no one can go back to the past to amend it and make a new start, anyone can start from NOW and make a brand new ending. This New Year, i choose to be the optimistic anxiously waiting to see 2016,with open arms and heart plus pen to write my 365 Book of 2016 with eagerness to make it my best year yet, regardless of the rain drops that may fall my way once in a while. You are never too old or late to set another goal or dream a new dream so lets sparkle this year.

Enjoy 2016,