Q&A with Popie_Beny_Photography

Benon is the proprietor of ilove Studio found in the heart of Kololo, a Kampala suburb. His photography is so full of life and bright, that it got my attention on social media. His love for bright full color brings a picture to life and you can feel the movement in every shot.I was blown away by the details, the emotions, the feelings and the stories the photos tell so i was pleased to have him take part in my Q&A photography segment

APW: Who and what inspired you to take up this career?

Ben: My love for art and my friend Rolland Fox inspired me to take up this photography career.

APW: Of all the images you have made so far in your career, which is your favorite and why?

Ben: It is a picture of a high school model, it’s simple but each time I look at at its shadow makes it look awesome.

APW: How would you describe your work to someone who hasn’t seen it yet?

Ben: I would describe my work as precise and story telling.

APW: What kind of impact do you hope to make in this industry in the next couple of years?

Ben: I hope to make it big with my creations and probably diversify photography and leave photography as an industry on a world class level.

APW: What are the must have items you can not leave a house without?

Ben: Definitely my phone, back pack, my watch and wallet.

APW: Many regard you as among the hottest young photographers in the country. What advice do you have for the next generation of photographers?

Ben: `Hottest photographer in the country`.. Lol..Anyway my advice for the next generation is that they should aim at shooting for passion not money,for money can easily divert them and they should respect their clientele despite of their sex, age, size etc and above all deliver in time.

APW: Describe a typical day at work?

Ben: It’s really amazing because alot of ideas are shared and many more created making the whole work easy and fun so it feels good.

APW: Your projects are usually a collaborative process. Tell us what it is like to always work with different stylists, artists and people.

Ben: I would want my clients to know that am reliable, consistent and professional.

APW: What is your mental checklist before a shoot?

Ben: Clear and relaxed mind

APW: What has been your most memorable moment of your career?

Ben: That was in Kabale Katuna when my  then boss complained really hard about me missing an important moment at a function. This helped me better my focus and attention to detail which i use upto now in life and work.

THANK YOU BEN. Find him ast ilove studio at Archer Road, Kololo

Instagram: @popie_beny_photography.