Crop it!

Whether we love them or not, crop tops are here to stay. Contrary to the belief that they are only made for skinny waists, these are one of the most flattering outfits for women with real bodies. They make the illusion of more slender curves for your waist. I love them teamed up with skater…

Its waterfalls!

I love sweaters and practically, all i have are waterfall sweaters. They are structural and versatile plus effortlessly chic. From plain colors to tribal prints, waterfall sweaters are a must have in all seasons. Use cardigan cashmere sweaters for more chilly days and light sheer sweaters for warmer days. xoxo APW

Dark Lips!

Dark lips are known to be gothic but if done well, can turn a normal day goth into the ultimate dream girl. Dark can go from rouge to black and it all depends on your taste and preference. I love dark rouge blends mostly but i have tried the black lip and i feel like…


I love prints and patterns but checkered is my all time fave. You can have in all color combinations but i love BW most. Check out my fave looks. xoxo APW

Scarves Galore!

I love scarves for any weather and occasion. I love keeping warm and being chic while at it. I have a collection of scarves, be it woolen or silk and they are so versatile. You can turn your scarf into a head wrap or a belt, depending on the need and occasion, like the picture…