My best city in the whole wide world is New York City, USA.. It is just not because of the big sites and sounds there but the fast paced life style and the fashion..It is indeed the Fashion capital of the world. Everybody there wears outfits up to the last detail. So when i woke up in the morning and wondered where i wanted to be, i did not think twice about taking a trip to NYC.

My very first stop after landing onto JFK International Airport, i was immediately greeted by the busy looking people. I entered the cab and i had to admit, New York has the friendliest Mexican drivers who told me all about his family and the best places to go. Since i arrived early in the morning, the one place i wanted to go was a nice breakfast restaurant and yes Tiffany’s was the place to go. Imagine me having breakfast at Tiffany’s. WOW!!

After having their famous English pancakes and coffee, i was ready to check into my room but before that, i wanted to walk around first. The place that came to my mind was the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art. Oh wow.. the name alone brings such imagination to the place. With its perfect architecture, this  building has one of the finest collections of ART in the world. From paintings, vases, sculpture to the smallest knives all full if unique history. It was well worth the four hours I had in there. Well it was time to go to my hotel room and nothing spells NYC like the Plaza Hotel. I had such a wonderful time checking in to my room. The friendly bell hop carried my luggage across the most amazing hall way I had laid eyes on. The room was so beautiful and it over looked the famous Central Park. The view was breathtakingly beautiful.

After freshening up, it was time to enjoy more of this wonderful place. I took a cab down town Manhattan to see Wall Street. it was wonderful seeing all the places and people mentioned in news everyday. I went ahead and enjoyed a side street hot dog and soda. Nothing is more NYC than eating on the streets from food carts. It was delicious and satisfying. I took another cab to do some night shopping. We passed through Time Square. With ts bright lights and movie previews and broadway. no wonder it is popular for tourists. I bought a ticket to watch Mama Mia and it was so interesting. After a whole day of so much fun, i could not sleep early so i took a trip to American Girl Place to get my nieces some barbie dolls. AG Place offers a kid-friendly café (reservations recommended!), a photo studio, a salon where dolls get new ‘dos and a doll hospital, where faulty “Girls” are dressed in patient gowns from a doll doctor’s office, fixed up and sent back to their happy owners good as new. It  was so much shopping and treating myself to so much play time.

The next day, i treated myself to a trip to see the Statue of Liberty. It was everything i had imagined it would be. So big and beautiful. it symbolizes all the generations of immigrants seeking a better place in America. it was such a beautiful morning on the ferry. I was accompanied by so many other tourists who made it all worth the time. She is dressed up like a Greek goddess. So peaceful and beautiful.

At the end of my trip to NYC, i stopped by a number of other places like Rockerfller centre, Chocolate Snow, DASH NYC, Central Park Zoo and so many other places. I indeed LOVE NYC. After the most adventurous trip ever, i woke up smiling comfortable in my bed at home with a NYC magazine. Yes!DREAM BIG!