Q&A with Mr.SoUg himself THE MITH

The Mith has been on the Ugandan Music scene for a while now. From being part of the first Hip-Hop group, KlearKut, his music has transcended through the years, with countless collaborations and tracks. Destination Africa, being his latest album, has songs like Queen featuring Abaasa and Eh Mama featuring Maro, which has my favorite phrase “if you stay by my side, we gonna stay on cloud 9”. His lyrics are so catchy and dope, but also kind of relates to anyone’s life (mine in more ways than one) and that’s why his musical genius is definitely appreciated. It was a pleasure having him on my Q&A Hip-Hop segment!


APW: What was the first rap album you ever listened?

The Mith: The 1st album I listened to was “2pacalypse” by 2 Pac.

APW: Do you have lyrical inspiration and If so, what /who is that?

The Mith: I get inspiration from what I see, hear, eat, anything rally. As an artist, I have to be observant, that’s something my Grand Father told me, and it has helped me stay sharp and find inspiration, even in the darkest of times.

APW: Have you ever played a secret show before? How’s it different from a performance where everybody knows it is The Mith coming?

The Mith: A secret show, No. but I did perform at some clubs in India, and different places I traveled to, where guys didn’t know who I was. These shows, to me, are always about showing and proving why I think I am 1 of the best out of the East.

APW: Do you have any favorite artists right now?

The Mith: Right now I am really looking out for the younger Ugandan talent. People like Mal-X, Sonny Soweez are high up on my list. Out of UG, I’m paying attention to the scene in South Africa. No particular artist though.
APW: How should new artists work on themselves, work on developing their talent?

The Mith: I think they should use their social media outlets better, or to their advantage. Always letting their fan base know exactly what they’re working on is important. Plus they should put out more product. I mean, why not go ahead and release more, quality music?!

APW: How do you relax after a long week?

The Mith: I only get to calls and messages from family and my immediate friends. A new thing I’ve started getting into is traveling. So jumping in the whip, and driving away from Kampala is always a plan.

APW: What’s exciting you creatively, what do we have to look forward to from you next year?

The Mith: Next year, that’s too damn far, let’s talk about this year… New music is on the way. I am in a good head space, which always means new, Dope music, from me and my team. The team will be revealed soon enough.


APW:  If you weren’t doing the whole music/rap thing what would you be doing right now?

The Mith: Eish, I hate to think that I’d have a 9-5/6 job. I’d probably be doing something with creativity, something with branding, and maybe advertising.

APW: One word to describe you

The Mith: Ehh, Deadly, hahahaha


APW:  Who would you love to collaborate with? Internationally

The Mith: Um, I think it would have to be a producer, no artist. The producer would be Just Blaze.

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Q&A with 19yr old baker Michael

My mum always says “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” Well, i think that she should add me to that proverb because am such a foodie and never ashamed of that. Want to hang out? Better have some snacks somewhere in that plan. That is why i was instantly attracted to this page. Michael Utrera is a Venezuelan 19 year old baker whose cakes and desserts give me all kinds of cravings on his Instagram page. He is my inspiration because he knew what makes him happy at such an early age and followed his dreams.

APW: What inspired you to pursue baking professionally?

Michael: When I was young I always wished to be a chef, that was my main dream! I started the cooking academy at the age of 13 years. That was really amazing for me, little by little I started understanding that my place is the bakery.

APW: What is your favorite pastry?

Michael: My favorite pastry is always the Italian pastries because I think they are really traditional, but of course I know many other new recipes.

APW: How and when did you start cake design?

Michael: When I was 16 years old, the cooking academy had to close due to government problems, so I went to a bakery in Venezuela, my native country, and there I started working as the assistant to the baker.

APW: What is one word to describe your cake designs?

Michael: Reformist! Even though I love all the traditional cakes and all, I am really conservative with the taste but with the design it is completely different. I try to be really creative with them and each day surprise more people with that.

APW: You make a ton of pastries, what is your favorite to make and eat?

Michael: I really love to make Fraiser it is an awesome dessert with strawberries really tasty and i am always happy to make this.

APW: My favorite cake flavor is black forest with cherries, what is yours?

Michael: I really prefer fruit flavor, that is much more natural and in my opinion they are the best taste, “strawberries mouse” and “passion fruit mouse” are a good selection for me.

APW: What is your all time favorite and memorable cake to make?

Michael: The most memorable cake for me is the Black Forest with strawberry jam, this was the first dessert I learnt in the bakery.

APW: What has been your biggest disaster in cake designing?

Michael: I left cakes on the oven and I forgot them haha

APW: What is your work day like?

Michael: My day work is very exciting and really fun for me. we are always trying to innovate the menu and be better and better each day, we are a theme of work

THANK YOU MICHAEL! Please find him on instagram @MichealUtrera1



Q&A with Abaasa

From a humble drummer boy in Church to the voice behind so many artistes. With his humble, down to earth, friendly persona, it’s no wonder his music genius as producer, drummer and also vocalist. His mix-tape dubbed Rukungiri is my favorite mix-tape because it reminds me of R&B mixed with lots of soul, heart and personality with some African Fusion thrown into the mix. This is none other than Abaasa Rwemereza.

APW:  Who are your influences – music wise?

Abaasa: I think I have many different influences according to what I have done. I played drums and some production before so I have different people i look upto but the first artist I listened to and loved was John Legend, his live album, because he can sing and his songs are so simple yet inspiring. I also love Tony Royster Jr., the American Drummer. I also love Steve Jean because he was doing different stuff in the industry back in the day like having guitarists and pop performances. He has also mentored many musicians which is so good because now they are doing so well on their own.

APW:  What is your favorite song on the charts right now?

Abaasa: (sings) I don’t really know the title. I rarely listen to music because what you listen to, is what comes out so am very selective.  I just love BBC. hiihi. They have interesting stories.

APW: Hihi, that is a good lesson but okay, what was the first album you listened to and loved, aside from John Legend?

Abaasa: Fortune Chris Brown was really nice.

APW: I love Ntegyerize on the Rukungiri mix-tape, what is your favorite and why?

Abaasa: I liked Run Away first but I love Find Myself more because it was the riskiest song on the album as it had very few instruments but it was very simple and it just came to me, not like the rest.

APW: How do you recover from a mistake during a performance?

Abaasa: If it is with people I know, especially with drums, I will probably laugh. When am singing, if no one notices, I just continue. It helps me a lot because in studio you have to let go, even with mistakes and keep going.

APW: Aside from music how do relax?

Abaasa: I love reading books that teach how to interact with stuff, a bit technical like Noise: The Political Economy of Music by Jacques Attali.

APW: Who do you turn to for career advice?

Abaasa: I think Lilian Mbabazi because I play in her band and I have seen her from Coca Cola Pop stars so I ask her for advice some times. It’s always good to share and get advice from someone going through similar challenges and life experiences.

APW: What has been your coolest performance experience?

Abaasa:  Every time I travel but especially to Kigali for the independence celebrations for the Uganda Community. Lilian and the band usually perform so the first time was really cool. The energy is really fun and amazing there.

APW: Who would you love to collaborate with locally or internationally?

Abaasa: Coldplay would be a dream come true! I heard their last album was the last but it would be really cool producing or playing with them.

APW: Describe your dream girl.

Abaasa: Someone who is definitely not taller than me, who is real and doesn’t really pretend around me snd who is outspoken. Attraction or connection also plays a big role in that.


APW: Where do you see Abaasa in 10 years?

Abaasa: I would be 35 years but I would love to have traveled within these 10 years like Sydney, Asia and South America.  I like to keep things as pure to myself so I won’t put too much excitement or expectations on myself. Life doesn’t really go according to plan but it is cool to live it as simply as possible and go with the flow to avoid too much pressure and disappointments.

APW: Is there a ritual you do before each performance?

Abaasa: I love walking around the stage before the performance to get a feel of it and to reduce anxiety. I love drinking Fanta before a show too. Hihi.

THANK YOU ABAASA!!!! Get Rukungiri mix-tape and other songs on https://soundcloud.com/abaasar




26 and OLD!


My 26th is coming up in a few weeks and as excited as i am to add more years to myself, i can’t help but wonder how far i have come through out the years. A few years back, if some one asked me my ideal day, i wouldn’t hesitate  and answer – visiting my bffs, lots of laughter and talking, shopping, eating and partying all night with my favorite girls and boys. That was my ideal day. I loved seeing my people and hanging out at all these social events, trying to fit in and meeting new people and i thought that was the meaning of a good life.

Fast forward to today where the rest of the world is clubbing or at social events and hanging out, my favorite pass time is my series and movies in bed with coffee or juice and snacks. It was quite the strange feeling at first – that feeling that am lazy or just anti social or better yet OLD (you know my friends called me that at one point), but as i grew, i loved it and i enjoy it so very much. Don’t get it wrong, i do love getting out in crowds once in a while but i enjoy my inner circle more now; people who share the love i have for them with me. I now understand the theory of YOUR GOALS GET MORE PERSONAL AND LESS MATERIALISTIC AS YOU GROW but also CIRCLES GROW SMALLER AS YOU GROW. It comes back to more substance and less quantity.

I just love and treasure the small and simple things in life now and spending my time and energy on the simple things that i once took for granted. Simple things like reading,  birthdays at home or dinner and lunches, family time, love time and especially ME TIME. I normally disturb my sisters and ask for SISTER TIME because i just enjoy hearing their giggles. I actually like less crowds and more intimacy now.  I love exploring my hobbies like baking, healthy living, cooking or blogging and i am unapologetic for that. Yes i am 26 – beautiful, strong and “OLD” at heart and loving it.



Plaid time!


I love my prints and patterns so when i hear the word PLAID, my mind (and most of yall as well) goes straight to Scottish skirts and culture really but there are just so many ways of incorporating this fashion print into your everyday wear without looking halloween-y.

The gallery above shows the different ways of dressing up the print in a fashion forward way and not just the Scottish round skirts, but also from dresses to pants to accessories, even the kids can rock this print as well. I love my plaid skater dress that features in the collage as well, it takes me from business to party in an instant by simply changing up the accessories. Most people do fear mixing patterns and that comes with plaid as well. My take is to simplify the look by making plaid the focal point of the outfit. In other words, less is more for my wardrobe to give the clean cut look but hey! anything goes really as long as you feel sexy and beautiful.

So next time, you see plaid, embrace it no matter the outfit and rock it!





Hello beautiful and handsome,

Its Friday so i might as well just say TGIF. Its just the 14th or 15th day of the new year and i already feel such a rush and change within. Not just going with the “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” phase most of us go through each January and it phases midway February and probably ceases by Easter Weekend, I am talking about an appreciation of the word HAPPINESS.

So what is with this simple word HAPPINESS or joy? I might never know its entirety but the comfort and peace it gives me each morning and through out the day, is simply amazing and may be you will help me explain it with my few examples. First, unemployment brought some tears and heart break every 30 minutes or so and i could have easily wet my pillows more than i should at least on two or more nights but that strike of midnight on that beautiful New Year’s day brought a realization i could never have come up with and that is to make the best of my year no matter what!

So from that awesome morning, i decided to wipe my tears, put my best smile on (red lip, eyeliner, foundation too) and hold my almost toned head high. Yes, waking up feeling you have no purpose sucks most times but it gave me a determination i have never had before (OK, maybe not as much as saving up for my phone and shoes but you get the point) Instead of looking at the down side of things, i decided to look at the balance of it to find the middle ground of the situation. I had the best rest i have had in a long time, sleep in late, see my friends as much as possible, do random trips, enroll in amazing personal development online courses, look for better opportunities and best of all, enjoy time with my awesome family and eat healthier food each day. These are things i would probably have never thought of if i was so busy stuck on my desk. So that was my up side in this situation.

This has taught me to appreciate each stage of life i am put in, whether good or bad, i am where am meant to be and even if its not an uphill most times, looking at the brighter side of it has helped me be a better and happier person and i actually have the best mindset i have had in a while. Lesson is TO FIND YOUR HAPPY FEET IN EVERY SITUATION. I really hope you do as well.