Have a fab start to the weekend xoxo APW

Simple things…

I love sitting down and reading, having a laugh with my BFFs, cooking, making someone smile,family, church and so on. Simple things yet mean the world the world to me. I especially love baking and baked bites, nothing makes me smile the most like a fresh tray of choc-chip muffins and a hot cup of…


Its FRIDAY again and what better way to start the weekend but with some music and DANCE!woohhoo! Nothing spells out party like some trance music. It started in Germany in the 90s and has captivated the hearts and minds of so many, ever since. My best inspiration for this genre of music is my friend,…


Its FRIDAY!!woohoo! Time to relax, take off your work shoes, get on your dancing shoes and rewind! Have a fab weekend. xoxo APW


We all have that place in our lives that is peaceful and beautiful, whether it is in the back yard or that special place in the park or simply in our hearts. Find time to visit it and live in magic.. just for ONCE like a child xoxo APW


This Thursday am remembering my favorite songs from back in the day.. Listening to my fave old school songs brings back s many memories. Definitely my throwback. xoxo APW

True Tuesdays

Be a true friend to your friends,make them happy and love them. Friendship is important to every person. So treasure your friends. xoxo APW

Capture THAT Moment

There is something beautiful about looking back at the funniest,heart warming, inspiring moments in our lives. That is why my camera is my BFF. I just love taking pictures, just love looking back at laughing at certain times i go through. This is why i have decided to add this theme for the week. Please…