Get your SKATE on!

I love dresses, any style, any type really! but nothing makes my heart glow like the skater dress. It is so chic, versatile and universally flattering on any body shape and type. They are season-less and just look fab throughout the year. I love mine in mini lengths and brights. Check out my fave looks….


I love prints and patterns but checkered is my all time fave. You can have in all color combinations but i love BW most. Check out my fave looks. xoxo APW

Scarves Galore!

I love scarves for any weather and occasion. I love keeping warm and being chic while at it. I have a collection of scarves, be it woolen or silk and they are so versatile. You can turn your scarf into a head wrap or a belt, depending on the need and occasion, like the picture…


I love natural curls. They look so nice when nicely maintained. I love short and long curls as both look amazing and are both extremely versatile. You can go Afro curl like Solange or the long locks of her sister Beyonce. Whaterver the case, curls are beautiful if kept neat, clean and smart. Deep condition…