Hollywood’s Biggest night was absolutely amazing.. the fashion, the winners even the losers made it more interesting!! The Oscars were very nice but most of all, the red carpet event was absolutely beautiful.. From dashing George Clooney to the beautiful Angelina Jolie!!

These are some of my favorite looks for the nights;

Milla Jojovich looked absolutely amazing in this Elie Saab gown topped off with Jacob & Co. jewellery.

Angelina Jolie was beautiful in this black leg bearing Versace gown and Neil Lane jewels.

Miss Jennifer looked beautiful in this nude Zuhair Murad gown. She presented the awrd for Best Costume Design with Cameron Diaz

George Clooney arrived in style with Stacy Kiebler looking dashing as always. He was nominated for Best Actor in Leading Role. Stacy wore a Marchesa off shoulder gown to match her blonde locks

Now this is a statement! Emma Stone amazingly beautiful in this Giambattista Vali Couture gown.

Sandra Bullocks’ gown was OK at first glance but the behind made it a piece of art. Beautifully draped back made this Marchesa gown beautiful

The Bad Teacher actress looked amazing in this strapless Gucci Premier Gown.

These are some of my favorite looks. ENJOY!!!

xoxoxo A.P.W



I love birthdays..the thought of celebrating some one’s birth and the gifts just top it up for me!! I love the fact that some one i know is adding another year to the age which means adding another year of me knowing them and loving them!! Birthdays are special and i take them as such.

This week i celebrated the birth of two amazing people…my big sister an my cousin…. i love you both so much!!! I can’t tell you how much fun i had on Monday (you had to be there to witness it!!) I normally do not like Mondays!! There is that out-of-the-weekend vibe about it, worse still if you have classes at 8am (YIKES!!) But 27th February was different!! At the end of the day, i was truly ready for the long week ahead!!

Wish you both a wonderful year and God bless you abundantly as much as you bless us everyday with your presence!!

xoxoxo A.P.W


OMG!!! Kids these days are SO talented… AMAZING is an understatement for kids these days!! For those who haven’t been on youtube lately, there is a new Justin on the block (make that TWO!!) these two cousins are so adorably cute!!

Sophia Grace Brownlee is an eight year-old British singer. She rose to fame after posting a viral video of herself on YouTube singing “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj, with her younger cousin, Rosie, by her side. She has been featured on The Ellen Showmany times. Sophia’s personality is very bold, confident, and talkative–almost the opposite of Rosie.They have a channel called Sophia Grace and Rosie on youtube and also on Facebook so keep up with these two cuties!!

Here is a sample of their talent…


xoxoxoxo A.P.W


So this week was your favorite day in February (well for those who aint Feb babies) Valentines’ day!! February has been long known as the month of LOVE!! This came from the sacrifice Saint Valentine did for the soldiers on ancient Rome where Claudius II had banned marriage for them. He held secret marriage ceremonies for these soldiers because, unlike the emperor, he believed in love for all people!! So through this, the day for lovers came to become reality..

Well i believe in love, fairy tales (yes those!!) and also in gift giving.. I love giving gifts and not because of the fact that people will give them to me but the look on their faces when i give them gifts!! I love gifts too so the thought of Valentines’ day just brings gifts to mind!! roses, chocolate, perfume, teddy bears and everything lovie-dovie!

I believe in love because as one of my favorite poets, William Shakespeare said “If music be love, play on”  and “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind” Yes! love is powerful and beautiful at the same time and it is wonderful when you get some one you love to love you back at the same time!!

I believe in fairy tales.. Life might not be one but there is no rule that stops anyone to live their own fairy tale.. I believe in fairy tales because when life seems unfair and miserable, i turn the other cheek and becomes wonderful again!! I use the story of Saint Valentine for this because even when there was no hope for the soldiers to be with the ones they loved and adored, life made a way for them through Valentine!! Now that is my fairy tale (Snow White and Cinderella indeed!!)

Have a wonderful Valentine and make sure to show the ones you love as well!!

xoxoxo A.P.W


Just last week today..i was sitting next to you watching television in our little living room!! We served you food and you smiled!!! I did not know that would be the last time i would be doing that with you… I went through all the stages of grief and God knows i complained and cried!! I did not want to let you go but alas! i had to!! Life is too short, i thought to myself!! I now know that you are in a better place!! I look up to the skies and see you smiling down at us!! We might cry and argue, have anger and disappointment but all in all you are in a better place!! Now you are looking down seeing us and giving us silent happiness and encouragement! You are my angel, our angel!! Always love you

xoxoxo A.P.W



So like most of you, am addicted to youtube..can’t help but always check for new stuff!!i always get a kick from laughing at some funny video or song!!it is like a place where everyone seems to want to express themselves through multimedia (Bill Gates should be proud!!)

My favorite this time around is this video of Jack Vidgen..it might be old but i fell in love with this little munchkin’s version of Whitney..He is absolutely talented (Bless his little soul) and i hope everyone can get the same experience i got from watching this amazing kid doing his thing. Enjoy!!!

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xoxoxo A.P.W