Thank you to the readers

Two of my fave hobbies and leisure time activities is reading and writing. Yes! my Pre-school teachers taught me well.LOL! But writing and typing is what makes me happy..Its my own kinda therapy!So blogging is my best pass-time! Sharing thoughts and little ideas with people is the best invention geniuses came up with because my…

Shout Out Thursday

Blauer pink jacket. This week am shouting out to The Fashion Glitter. Love the casual pieces mixes with beautiful ones. Fashion inspiration. Keep writing. xoxo APW

SHOUT OUT Thursday

Blue and White and Patriotic All Over. Today am shouting out to Ronyshapira. Your blog is beautiful, the different fashion styles..amazing. xoxo APW

MET Gala

Look at this fashion at the Met Gala which was held this week, at the Metropolitan Museum. xoxo APW

Thank You

Thank you is a very short, simple word but it carries so much more than we can imagine. So today, don’t forget to say thank you to someone who has done even the smallest thing for you. It really means alot. xoxo APW

Shout Out Sunday

I Wanna Hold Your Hand. This sunday,am shouting out to Andra. Your blog is so insightful and somehow talks of experiences we all have at one point! Keep the writing coming! xoxo APW