Count YOUR Blessings

Always be thankful for the big or invisible blessings you have everyday. Have a beautiful week. xoxo APW


Its FRIDAY!!woohoo! Time to relax, take off your work shoes, get on your dancing shoes and rewind! Have a fab weekend. xoxo APW

Get Your LASH On

There’s something special that long luscious lashes do to our faces. They bring out your beautiful eyes and their glow. They come from simple everyday wear to high fashion night wear. These are a few ways of how to wear faux lashes. 1) Size the lashes to fit with your eyes so they are not…


We all have that place in our lives that is peaceful and beautiful, whether it is in the back yard or that special place in the park or simply in our hearts. Find time to visit it and live in magic.. just for ONCE like a child xoxo APW

Be Happy

Have a wonderful Tuesday. xoxo APW

Sticks N’ Stones Baby

Never let people’s words get you down, Yes! they hurt but get up from them and smile! Never let anyone’s insecurities take your happiness away! As Dr. Seuss said “Be who you, say what you feel because those that matter don’t mind and those that mind,don’t matter” Stay beautiful and happy. xoxo APW


This Thursday am remembering my favorite songs from back in the day.. Listening to my fave old school songs brings back s many memories. Definitely my throwback. xoxo APW