Q&A with Bridgette

If you are on Instagram and ever gone through your Explore page, you must have come across her posts at some point. Bridgette Samuelz aka bridgetteoflife is a real fashionista in her own right. Captivating yet simple and classy are just some of the words that come to mind when you look through her posts.

When did you discover your love for fashion?

I discovered my love for fashion when i was in Primary 7 Vacation. I was free and allowed to go to the market and choose my own clothes. This gave me a chance to explore what I really liked and what made me feel comfortable.

You have such bomb photos! Who is your favorite photographer?

My all time fave go-to photographer is Oscar Ntege. His eye for detail, creativity and professionalism is amazing.

What is your closet like?

My closet is full of different styles. Am a versatile girl so I love to wear right about anything as long as it accentuates my curves, sexy, shows a little skin (haha)  and not full black. I love to add some color to my outfits.

What is your best shopping spot in Kampala and Abroad?

I love to shop at GlitzByNalu, TinaBrad’s Boutique, Abduzspot, FashionBox in Kampala. Abroad – I love shopping from Forever21, Bershka, H&M – he list is endless.

I also love online shopping and my favorites are Ohpolly, Pretty Little Thing, house of CB, FashionNova, and Misguided.

What are the key items you can’t live without?

I can’t live without my makeup, perfume and a nice pair of shoes

If you could have any shoe label, what would it be?

My dream shoe label is Louis Vuitton. Who wouldn’t want a closet full of red bottoms? (Haha)

Favorite bag label?

I am not a label type of girl but I love small bags that are cute and classy

Now that you are a mum, any mummy fashion trends you already in love with?

I am a new mom and at the moment, my whole focus is still on this little prince of mine. I haven’t snapped back yet so am not following any fashion trend now but am definitely coming back to style soon!

Thank you boo for sharing with us!




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