2019! My Year!


HAPPY HAPPY New Year! Can’t believe its been 3 weeks already now in 2019! Lord knows i needed this year to come REAL quick! Nonetheless, we here and we living! So thank God for that!

This year is going to be BIGGER, BETTER and definitely not where we were last year. I had never believed the power of vision and foresight but this January has proven me wrong and am definitely here for it! Am a strong believer now in dream boards or vision boards. There is definitely a power in foresight and believing in your dreams that manifests into reality.

Joel Osteen speaks in the “Power of I am”, that whatever you speak into your life will manifest itself in one way or the other. That is my moto 2019 – to speak everlasting positivity into my life (good health, love, peace of mind, positive change, etc) No more negativity, just thinking and acting positively in order to reach the life that I dream of and I want.


2019 has already begun with a lot of restoration, change and amazingness from God so am proud to say “I am blessed” and I encourage everyone to make a vision/dream board to envision the best things to happen in each individual part of their lives – whether health, wealth, peace, etc. It is the first step to living a more positive life and away from all life’s challenges and negativity as well as to keep you focused on your dreams every single day. It might not happen instantly but with faith and prayer, anything is possible.

So have yourselves a beautiful year and God bless you!


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