Step by Step


If you were a 90’s kid, you might have watched an amazingly cute and funny sitcom called “Step by Step”  about complete strangers meeting and making an awesome blended family step by step. This was my favorite Tuesday night telly show. But this is not the point of my post on this bright Wednesday,  I have always heard people say “Take it step by step”, but not until now did i realise the power that those three words have.

We all experience life in totally different ways with one or two common factors of how we deal with it. My mum always says “Life is too short not to try out something you keep thinking about” which has inspired  my post today. I am learning to take each day as it comes, taking a step at a time to get to where i eventually want to go and be.

This year has taught me alot of patience, love, wit, focus but most importantly to put ME at the fore front of each decision. It has been definitely easily said than done but i have learnt not to think of the what ifs or what nots or what will tomorrow bring but to deal with today as it is what is important and will never be the same again.

There are a few things am trying to better myself in. The first thing, which am sure most of us are guilty of, is to tame my self pity as am very good at that, i would rather say “why me?” or “poor me” than to actually understand the situation. Am also trying to keep my spirit alive and happy than getting mad at everyone who does me wrong. Nothing breaks my soul than anger & regret and i choose to be better than that, other than be a sour puss all the time as people are bound to get on my nerves ever so often.

For my lifestyle resolution, the first should be fitness and health as a priority. Going to gym has always been a huge challenge for me (i’d rather jump up and down to Move your Body – Beyonce) but since i have begun, its kinda growing on me and soon, it will be a good addiction for me because it helps me tame my anxiety (as you might know, i suffer from that too) plus i can finally get into my once favorite pair of House of Dereon jeans without the whole rolling on the floor to zip up situation. LOL!

My favorite and most exciting try for the year is MORE ADVENTURE, whether it is moving into a new place, out of an old place, trying cheese and wine (much better combo than i imagined) learning a new language, salsa dancing, interior decor, painting, walking under the moonlight, inviting people into my heart, strolls on the beach under the sunset, watching late night movies in the cinema or just trying out new cuisines (am loving the Italian very berry panna cotta) All the things that life is made of, am adding little by little to my memory box and LOVING every bit of it.

It is all about taking that first step and the rest will follow like a baby’s first steps.




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