Q&A with Mr.SoUg himself THE MITH

The Mith has been on the Ugandan Music scene for a while now. From being part of the first Hip-Hop group, KlearKut, his music has transcended through the years, with countless collaborations and tracks. Destination Africa, being his latest album, has songs like Queen featuring Abaasa and Eh Mama featuring Maro, which has my favorite phrase “if you stay by my side, we gonna stay on cloud 9”. His lyrics are so catchy and dope, but also kind of relates to anyone’s life (mine in more ways than one) and that’s why his musical genius is definitely appreciated. It was a pleasure having him on my Q&A Hip-Hop segment!


APW: What was the first rap album you ever listened?

The Mith: The 1st album I listened to was “2pacalypse” by 2 Pac.

APW: Do you have lyrical inspiration and If so, what /who is that?

The Mith: I get inspiration from what I see, hear, eat, anything rally. As an artist, I have to be observant, that’s something my Grand Father told me, and it has helped me stay sharp and find inspiration, even in the darkest of times.

APW: Have you ever played a secret show before? How’s it different from a performance where everybody knows it is The Mith coming?

The Mith: A secret show, No. but I did perform at some clubs in India, and different places I traveled to, where guys didn’t know who I was. These shows, to me, are always about showing and proving why I think I am 1 of the best out of the East.

APW: Do you have any favorite artists right now?

The Mith: Right now I am really looking out for the younger Ugandan talent. People like Mal-X, Sonny Soweez are high up on my list. Out of UG, I’m paying attention to the scene in South Africa. No particular artist though.
APW: How should new artists work on themselves, work on developing their talent?

The Mith: I think they should use their social media outlets better, or to their advantage. Always letting their fan base know exactly what they’re working on is important. Plus they should put out more product. I mean, why not go ahead and release more, quality music?!

APW: How do you relax after a long week?

The Mith: I only get to calls and messages from family and my immediate friends. A new thing I’ve started getting into is traveling. So jumping in the whip, and driving away from Kampala is always a plan.

APW: What’s exciting you creatively, what do we have to look forward to from you next year?

The Mith: Next year, that’s too damn far, let’s talk about this year… New music is on the way. I am in a good head space, which always means new, Dope music, from me and my team. The team will be revealed soon enough.


APW:  If you weren’t doing the whole music/rap thing what would you be doing right now?

The Mith: Eish, I hate to think that I’d have a 9-5/6 job. I’d probably be doing something with creativity, something with branding, and maybe advertising.

APW: One word to describe you

The Mith: Ehh, Deadly, hahahaha


APW:  Who would you love to collaborate with? Internationally

The Mith: Um, I think it would have to be a producer, no artist. The producer would be Just Blaze.

THANK YOU! Buy, Listen and Share Destination Africa on https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01C8QW6B4/ref=dm_aw_dp_sp_bb_sfa


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