Q&A with 19yr old baker Michael

My mum always says “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” Well, i think that she should add me to that proverb because am such a foodie and never ashamed of that. Want to hang out? Better have some snacks somewhere in that plan. That is why i was instantly attracted to this page. Michael Utrera is a Venezuelan 19 year old baker whose cakes and desserts give me all kinds of cravings on his Instagram page. He is my inspiration because he knew what makes him happy at such an early age and followed his dreams.

APW: What inspired you to pursue baking professionally?

Michael: When I was young I always wished to be a chef, that was my main dream! I started the cooking academy at the age of 13 years. That was really amazing for me, little by little I started understanding that my place is the bakery.

APW: What is your favorite pastry?

Michael: My favorite pastry is always the Italian pastries because I think they are really traditional, but of course I know many other new recipes.

APW: How and when did you start cake design?

Michael: When I was 16 years old, the cooking academy had to close due to government problems, so I went to a bakery in Venezuela, my native country, and there I started working as the assistant to the baker.

APW: What is one word to describe your cake designs?

Michael: Reformist! Even though I love all the traditional cakes and all, I am really conservative with the taste but with the design it is completely different. I try to be really creative with them and each day surprise more people with that.

APW: You make a ton of pastries, what is your favorite to make and eat?

Michael: I really love to make Fraiser it is an awesome dessert with strawberries really tasty and i am always happy to make this.

APW: My favorite cake flavor is black forest with cherries, what is yours?

Michael: I really prefer fruit flavor, that is much more natural and in my opinion they are the best taste, “strawberries mouse” and “passion fruit mouse” are a good selection for me.

APW: What is your all time favorite and memorable cake to make?

Michael: The most memorable cake for me is the Black Forest with strawberry jam, this was the first dessert I learnt in the bakery.

APW: What has been your biggest disaster in cake designing?

Michael: I left cakes on the oven and I forgot them haha

APW: What is your work day like?

Michael: My day work is very exciting and really fun for me. we are always trying to innovate the menu and be better and better each day, we are a theme of work

THANK YOU MICHAEL! Please find him on instagram @MichealUtrera1




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