Q&A with Abaasa

From a humble drummer boy in Church to the voice behind so many artistes. With his humble, down to earth, friendly persona, it’s no wonder his music genius as producer, drummer and also vocalist. His mix-tape dubbed Rukungiri is my favorite mix-tape because it reminds me of R&B mixed with lots of soul, heart and personality with some African Fusion thrown into the mix. This is none other than Abaasa Rwemereza.

APW:  Who are your influences – music wise?

Abaasa: I think I have many different influences according to what I have done. I played drums and some production before so I have different people i look upto but the first artist I listened to and loved was John Legend, his live album, because he can sing and his songs are so simple yet inspiring. I also love Tony Royster Jr., the American Drummer. I also love Steve Jean because he was doing different stuff in the industry back in the day like having guitarists and pop performances. He has also mentored many musicians which is so good because now they are doing so well on their own.

APW:  What is your favorite song on the charts right now?

Abaasa: (sings) I don’t really know the title. I rarely listen to music because what you listen to, is what comes out so am very selective.  I just love BBC. hiihi. They have interesting stories.

APW: Hihi, that is a good lesson but okay, what was the first album you listened to and loved, aside from John Legend?

Abaasa: Fortune Chris Brown was really nice.

APW: I love Ntegyerize on the Rukungiri mix-tape, what is your favorite and why?

Abaasa: I liked Run Away first but I love Find Myself more because it was the riskiest song on the album as it had very few instruments but it was very simple and it just came to me, not like the rest.

APW: How do you recover from a mistake during a performance?

Abaasa: If it is with people I know, especially with drums, I will probably laugh. When am singing, if no one notices, I just continue. It helps me a lot because in studio you have to let go, even with mistakes and keep going.

APW: Aside from music how do relax?

Abaasa: I love reading books that teach how to interact with stuff, a bit technical like Noise: The Political Economy of Music by Jacques Attali.

APW: Who do you turn to for career advice?

Abaasa: I think Lilian Mbabazi because I play in her band and I have seen her from Coca Cola Pop stars so I ask her for advice some times. It’s always good to share and get advice from someone going through similar challenges and life experiences.

APW: What has been your coolest performance experience?

Abaasa:  Every time I travel but especially to Kigali for the independence celebrations for the Uganda Community. Lilian and the band usually perform so the first time was really cool. The energy is really fun and amazing there.

APW: Who would you love to collaborate with locally or internationally?

Abaasa: Coldplay would be a dream come true! I heard their last album was the last but it would be really cool producing or playing with them.

APW: Describe your dream girl.

Abaasa: Someone who is definitely not taller than me, who is real and doesn’t really pretend around me snd who is outspoken. Attraction or connection also plays a big role in that.


APW: Where do you see Abaasa in 10 years?

Abaasa: I would be 35 years but I would love to have traveled within these 10 years like Sydney, Asia and South America.  I like to keep things as pure to myself so I won’t put too much excitement or expectations on myself. Life doesn’t really go according to plan but it is cool to live it as simply as possible and go with the flow to avoid too much pressure and disappointments.

APW: Is there a ritual you do before each performance?

Abaasa: I love walking around the stage before the performance to get a feel of it and to reduce anxiety. I love drinking Fanta before a show too. Hihi.

THANK YOU ABAASA!!!! Get Rukungiri mix-tape and other songs on https://soundcloud.com/abaasar





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