Q&A with Hair Guru ZZIWA!

His salon, HAIR BY ZZIWA, is one of the cutest,most chic salons i have ever seen. White walls, black leather chairs, with shimmery mirrors and an aquarium. Yessss!! (hand claps) His friendly, down to earth personality is seen in his smile and i was so happy to have him feature on my Q&A hair stylist segment.

APW: Tell us about yourself and your business

Zziwa: My name is Zziwa, 29, and I’m a barber/ hairstylist for all hair textures. I’ve got a new hairline of human hair on the market, and a hair growth stimulant product.

APW: What’s your motto/advice you live by?

Zziwa: There’s nothing impossible as long as you’re honest

APW: How did you learn hair styling?

Zziwa: I went for some basic training at a beauty school, but the rest are self taught from you tube and other stylists from different countries.

APW: What is your no.1 hair care tip?

Zziwa: Avoid any unnecessary heat on your mane. Wear some protective styles once in a while.

APW: When did you get your big break?

Zziwa: My big break was in 2014, when I started working with my Arab colleagues.

APW: How can anyone who is aspiring to join the beauty industry begin their journey?

Zziwa: Just start, all that matters is the spirit.

APW: One word to describe your hair styling

Zziwa: As natural looking as possible.

APW: What is the hottest trend at the moment?

Zziwa: At the moment, the nana grays are trending.

APW: What is the hair product every girl should have?

Zziwa: Every girl should have a Zziwa hair-gro product, it works for all hair textures even naturals.

APW: Ten years from now, you will be?

Zziwa: 10 years from now, I will be one of Africa’s leading hair brand 🙂


THANK YOU ZZIWA for doing this segment.


Find Zziwa at Hair By Zziwa, Room No.48, 3rd Floor Krishna Mart opp Acacia Mall.

facebook & instagram:  hairbyzziwa

Web: http://www.zziwa.com




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