Q&A with MUA Mona

Flawless, pretty,simple, classy, chic, sophisticated, intelligent, inspiring and such a beautiful personality are just some of the words that came in to my mind when i met with this lady right here. Her love for makeup has made her the Ugandan Makeup Whisperer,in my opinion and the opinion of her 19k and so social media followers. She is so welcoming and down to earth, it is no wonder, her client base keeps growing bigger and stronger by day.

Her name is Monalisa Umutoni, best known as Mona and she is just 23 years old. Talk about inspiration to so many girls out there including myself!! Her make up business is Mona Makeup Studio which was started in September 2014 making it almost two years this year.

APW: How did you start in the makeup industry?

Mona: I actually never thought i would become a Makeup professional. I never thought i would get paid to do makeup for people. I have always loved it though, i used to look at magazines and celebrities from childhood and i would do it for free for friends who in the end, would bring their friends as well. It was more of a hobby and now it’s a career.

APW: Did you have an artistic background growing up?

Mona: Yes I did fine art from childhood. i just loved to draw. It is so funny but makeup,to me, is a form of art so am happy i ended up doing the art i so love.

APW: If we took a peek in your makeup kit and your main bag, what would we see?

Mona: I normally have lip gloss, eyebrow kit n studio fix foundation in my makeup bag. In my general bag, phone wallet, and my diary for keeping tabs with appointments

APW: What sets you apart from other makeup artists? Why would I want you to give me a facebeat?

Mona: I would say it is because I strive to do my best and deliver exactly what the client wants.

APW: Please give MEMOIRSOFAPRINCESS readers your best beauty tips.

Mona: For those who wear makeup, never sleep with it on and always use genuine products especially foundation. Always get makeup from a good brand and look for your natural shades for it to blend well. For those who don’t know much about makeup, less is always more. If u can’t perfect what you know, you would rather just stick to the basics like a mineralized powder and a good lipstick. Makeup is meant to enhance your beauty so you have to b careful to do it right.

APW: What do you love MOST about make up? 

Mona: I love art so I see makeup As the creation of beauty. I look at every face as an art canvas because each face is different and unique so makeup can never b a routine for me.  I also love seeing people’s happy faces when I do their makeup which is always priceless.

APW: What is your favorite cosmetic right now?

Mona: It definitely has to be OKAY Natural tropical Coconut oil for skin. It feels so good on the skin and keeps it healthy, moisturized and glowing.


APW: How has social media influenced?

Mona: It is everything these days. It has helped me a lot in this business. We follow so many trends and people and that’s how most of my clients get in contact with me and see my work. So it is a very good marketing tool.

APW: What is the hottest makeup trend right now?

Mona: It has to be contouring. Everywhere on social media has tutorials or pictures of contouring and almost everyone is trying it more now.

APW: What is the most memorable moment in your career

Mona: Yes there was a wedding I worked on and I was so happy because the whole bridal party was so excited and genuinely happy for the work i had done.It was so exciting for me to see the impact i had made on their special day.

APW: Any future plans for tutorials because we are all waiting to learn something from you?

Mona: Yes most definitely am planning on that in the near future but it is still a working progress because I want to deliver the best for my clients.

APW: Lastly, any advice to aspiring makeup artists?

Mona: 1. Be extremely passionate about it, not the income. Money comes last because there is a lot of work and sacrifice that goes with this career. 2. Practice a lot. 3. Work hard, push through any barrier to achieve and above all, lots of prayer. God has helped me through it.

THANK YOU SO MUCH MONA for your time doing this for my blog ♥ ♥ ♥

Find Mona Makeup Studio in Kisementi, Crane plaza. Instagram @monafaces Email: monalisaumutoni@gmail.com

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