Retro Bikinis

It is almost summer time and my fave place to be is the beach, so what are you going to wear? Retro bikinis or best known as high waist-ed bikinis go way back to the 1950s. Celebrities like Grace Kelly and Taylor Swift are such big fans of this. These are a stylish way to get sexy on the beach plus gave an hour glass silhouette and this trend isn’t about to go away soon.These can be worn in all sorts of prints and shapes.

While so many people say they look like diapers, i tend to disagree. They are FABULOUS and always look classy regardless. The high-waisted silhouette emphasizes each and every curve on your body, making it the most feminine suit on the market plus the bottom won’t fall off or keep sliding off with every bend making it so comfortable.They also look amazing underneath the sheer garments in case you want to take it from day look to night on the town.

My fave is the fringe top retro bikini. It is so fun and yet less revealing for us who are not so confident with our tummies plus it doesn’t hurt that they look fab on ALL shapes and sizes. So if you feel confident, you will definitely look confident. Get your beauty on, girl.





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