Q&A with UK based MUA Nellie

This beautiful lady is Nellie and her Instagram page VintyNellie, has over 11.8k followers,myself included. Her make up and hair care is so pretty while embracing the client’s inner and natural beauty so when she responded to my Q&A inquiry, i was beyond excited and her personality is as beautiful as her talent. Here it is 🙂


APW: Tell us about yourself – name and some details of the business.
Nellie:  Hiya! My name is Nellie and my brand is called VintyNellie. I specialize in hair and makeup and believed to have empowered women through beauty. I believe that women feel their best, once they look their best.

 APW: Why do you think you decided to become a makeup artist?
Nellie: My passion for beauty led me to the path that I am in today. As a former model, I remember how I felt once my makeup was done and the best word to describe that feeling is “unstoppable”. I felt as though I could conquer anything that I wanted to because I looked and felt Fabulous! The feeling of empowerment that comes with looking great is indescribable (in a good way!) which is why I decided that I wanted to also share this experience with women.

APW: How did you get your start in the industry?
My determination was how I got my start in the industry. I knew what I wanted and knew this from a very young age. My drive to become successful in my field allowed me to remain focus and to make decisions that would advance my skills and knowledge.
For example, I have always worked on beauty counters because I know that this would be the only job that i would appreciate and allow me to focus on makeup artistry the way that I needed to.
APW: What and who inspires you?
The power and beauty that women possess inspire me.
APW: What is your favorite go- to hairstyle and why?
Nellie: My favourite, favouriteeee hairstyle in the whole wide world is a *drumrolls*…. Ponytail lol. Boring but just so quick and convenient! I also feel that with a sleek ponytail it can enhance your features, so yeah! That’s my favourite go to quick hairstyle.

 APW: What are your daily must-have items in your bag?
My daily must have items in my bag is a never ending list lol but we can start with my PHONE CHARGER. If I don’t have my charger for a split second I feel as though the world ended. It would then be:
Money, Earphones, Keys, whatever lipstick that I’m wearing, straws, tissue, face powder and brush, and I think that’s it!
APW:  How do you stay on trend?
Instagram. Instagram is basically a vogue magazine that automatically refreshes its content and keeps me on trend lol. And it tells me what’s on trend with everything! From hairstyles to what nail polish colours are in season, it’s truly amazing.

APW: Any advice for the young girls and boys who want to join this industry?
Be TRUE TO who YOU are! Identify what you want to accomplish and then   accomplish it. With faith as small as a mustard seed, you can make it.

APW: Many people have picked up the eye lash extension trend including myself. You also provide this service. What do you feel is the benefit to these extensions?
Eyelashes can turn your eye makeup from a basic mediocre 4 to an award winning solid 10! The way eyelashes can transform and enhance your entire look is quite soothing lol. Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t find the word to describe what you’re trying to say and your best friend says it for you? That’s what eyelashes can do for your makeup.. It completes things.

APW: What is your best beauty tip?
My number 1 beauty tip is to always take off your makeup at night, I know it’s so obvious but honestly your makeup will not look refreshing and flawless if you have irritated skin from clogged up pores.
 APW:I love your beauty Vlogs, what was the inspiration behind them?
Thank you! My inspiration behind my vlogs was to help women that could not have a makeup artist to do their makeup learn how to look just as beautiful by following step by step tutorials.

THANK YOU SO MUCH NELLIE!! It was so fun hearing from you. Please find Nellie on instagram: @vintynellie ; website: http://www.vintynellie.co.uk ; email: enquiries@vintynellie.co.uk



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