Q&A with Cafe Ceylon


In the heart of a Kampala suburb known as Kamwokya, lies a little treasure called Cafe Ceylon. Its beautiful and homey interior with a busking scent of freshly baked goods and snacks make it one of my favorite places.


I love the wooden floors and wooden plunks on the walls and various art pieces plus the smiles and warmth from the waiting staff and cashiers and never forgetting the yummy treats in the display tables.

Cafe Ceylon has an array of continental dishes ranging from basic coffee,burgers and pizzas to Chinese noodles and stir-fry to Italian pastas to  Sri Lankan and Indian tikka varieties. I normally have a craving for Indian cuisine so i had the Chicken Tikka classic with naan bread (YUM!) and my handsome date had the Crum fried chicken with fries (i dipped and nibbled on his meal as well 🙂 ) After the meal, i had my little pen and paper and decided to have a quick Q&A with their Head Chef, Chef Geoffrey Emmanuel.

APW: When did you know you wanted to become a chef?

G.E:  I was inspired by my uncle who was a chef. He taught me alot about food and i got the passion from that and decided to follow the culinary route.

APW: What is your philosophy when it comes to food and the restaurant?

G.E: My philosophy is easy. I always strive to make the BEST DISHES EVER and become better at the art of food so customers enjoy each bite and want to return as quickly as possible.

APW: What food inspires you and how do you come up with ideas for the dishes on the menu because i see alot of variety?

G.E: Indian and Sri Lankan or oriental recipes inspire me because they are not only very popular now but are very delicious yet simple.

APW: Do you have any vivid or memorable food experiences that impacted you as a young chef?

G.E: Yes many but the most vivid was trying a biryani rice recipe and making it at such a young age. It helped me realize my potential of being a chef because it turned out excellently and i just kept trying out all sorts of recipes and perfecting them.

APW: So as a chef, you taste and nibble at all sorts of foods, but what is your all time favorite meal?

G.E: It definitely has to be a simple stir-fry whether beef or chicken. It is such a simple recipe to make but yet so delicious.

APW: What are your next restaurant goals?

G.E: I am definitely looking at a five -star restaurant with a bigger array of foods and desserts.

APW: You see a lot of faces in and out of the cafe daily, is there one particular customer who stands out in your memory?

G.E: Yes that is very true but i love the fact that all types of races come and enjoy whatever the cafe has to offer. It is really rewarding seeing so many diverse people enjoying the food.

APW: That is definitely rewarding and since you were in the middle of baking, any last words for budding chefs or restaurateurs?

G.E: Yes, i advice them to join Chef and Restaurant Associations. These are wonderful as they give you a start on what the actual work entails and they help mentor them by giving different training on financial, recipes or hygiene.

Find Cafe Ceylon on Plot No. 81. Kira Road opposite Kobil Petrol Station.





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