What does it mean?


A new day. A new morning. A new phone number. A first HELLO.  A new car. A new year. A new born. A new year. Another birthday. All these show the start of a new beginning of sorts.  New things tend to bring some sort of anxiety – will i like it as much as i thought i would?, is it risky? will i be good at it? But i guess the uncertainty makes it even better because it feels like an adventure. I recently celebrated my birthday and as most, it felt like a new beginning of something grand.

Each year, as you blow the candles, you tend to think of the goals and dreams and each year, you wish and pray that they get better and better and of course, this year wasn’t too different. The only difference i know, as i looked at the faces and smiles of the people who make my life amazing in one way or another, is now i am no longer as scared and anxious as normal,, am more willing to let life flow as it should and not make too many plans and focus on being the best version of myself and be happy. So what does it mean for something new? A beautiful uncertain beginning full of adventure, lessons and lots of laughter at the end of the day. So yes honey, older, wiser, more focused on myself and ready for what life has to offer in this new chapter 🙂



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