26 and OLD!


My 26th is coming up in a few weeks and as excited as i am to add more years to myself, i can’t help but wonder how far i have come through out the years. A few years back, if some one asked me my ideal day, i wouldn’t hesitate  and answer – visiting my bffs, lots of laughter and talking, shopping, eating and partying all night with my favorite girls and boys. That was my ideal day. I loved seeing my people and hanging out at all these social events, trying to fit in and meeting new people and i thought that was the meaning of a good life.

Fast forward to today where the rest of the world is clubbing or at social events and hanging out, my favorite pass time is my series and movies in bed with coffee or juice and snacks. It was quite the strange feeling at first – that feeling that am lazy or just anti social or better yet OLD (you know my friends called me that at one point), but as i grew, i loved it and i enjoy it so very much. Don’t get it wrong, i do love getting out in crowds once in a while but i enjoy my inner circle more now; people who share the love i have for them with me. I now understand the theory of YOUR GOALS GET MORE PERSONAL AND LESS MATERIALISTIC AS YOU GROW but also CIRCLES GROW SMALLER AS YOU GROW. It comes back to more substance and less quantity.

I just love and treasure the small and simple things in life now and spending my time and energy on the simple things that i once took for granted. Simple things like reading,  birthdays at home or dinner and lunches, family time, love time and especially ME TIME. I normally disturb my sisters and ask for SISTER TIME because i just enjoy hearing their giggles. I actually like less crowds and more intimacy now.  I love exploring my hobbies like baking, healthy living, cooking or blogging and i am unapologetic for that. Yes i am 26 – beautiful, strong and “OLD” at heart and loving it.




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