Is having too many guy friends too much? Being sexy too much? Is taking a confident selfie of my body too much?  Is having 0 likes on my pictures too sad? Or having 1000000000 comments rude or nice better than having no comment at all?  Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol, beautiful, curvy and talented but still all people could look at where the number of male suitors and her curves. I love her because she was all those things and am all for being confident enough to stand even with so many nay sayers.

This is the same society that tells women to fight for their rights so am a bit confused about the double standards we have and live by.  What i don’t get is its the same people complaining and bashing women posting sexy pictures of themselves because they started eating healthy plus going to the gym and are now confident in their own bodies and are excited to show the world what confidence is. If i want to be sexy for myself and encourage girls to be comfortable in their own bodies, let me be but the same women complaining about how people are dressed or how they pose on social media, are the same women talking about confidence and being bad role models yet they do nothing to look or feel beautiful. We spend too much time watching people’s decisions and commenting than doing better.

I always say if you can say it behind my back, say it to my face don’t hide behind a keyboard on social media, tell me face to face. We are all hypocrites!! I just don’t understand why we can’t uplift each other instead of bashing one another, its really sad. I made a decision to be me regardless of what society thinks and you should too.




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