The Tulle

I know what most people think of first when they hear of Tulle… a ballerina’s tutu skirt, round and too girly and too cartoonish but this trend is catching on so fast, i need myself more than just two tulles. I first saw this amazing trend on Carrie Bradshaw of Sex n’ the City because 1. she can wear whatever she wants and 2. she makes ANYTHING look so classy and straight out of Vogue ( i do miss watching her each week and trying to steal a look or two)

Tulle, like most words, came from a small town in France with a similar name. It is also used for petticoats, wedding dresses, and other things. It is used in veils because it obscures the features, but allows the wearer to see. I love this look because it is so diverse from lengths to sizes to combos to colours, its up to you to make it work. Anyone regardless of age or size can feel sexy and special in a tulle skirt and that is amazing to me. I found my fave looks for this trend;

  1. The street look.

Here the outfit consists more of dress down casual combos like leather or jean jackets, sneakers, tees, ballerina flats, fringe tops and is made up of simple material combos like cotton, a bit of lace, denim and cashmere sweaters.

2. The Evening tulle

This look comprises lots of sparkle and sophiscation – jewellery or shimmery tops, lots of lace or sheer, high heels, beautiful clutch bags which can be topped up with classic red lip makeup, ponytail or waves.






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