Anniversary Post!

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So today marks four years of blogging and i must say i love it more each day that passes.  Not only do i share my thoughts on fashion and living but it relaxes me. Funnily, this year, my anniversary has also fallen on Grammy week and i absolutely love it. This year, even though the actual show was a little drab for me, had so much more flowy cut out gowns than most years and alot of bright and bold colors.

I loved the above looks most but i must say my all time fave has to go to Ellie Goulding’s foxy blinged up back Stella McCartney dress and Chrissy Tiegen’s Yousef Al-Jasmi white goddess dress with the blinged up cape. These spoke sophistication and class and those are my fave character looks i want to see on a red carpet. Serayah also embraced glamour with her Vera Wang gown had the right cut outs and slit was graceful. My fave men’s looks have to go to Justin Bieber and French Montana this year because they were mature, clean cut and suave which i love seeing on red carpet.

On the down side, i did actually like Selena Gomez’ look, she does look as beautiful as always but i do feel like we have seen her in similar looks before. I did not like Ciara’s dress because it somehow looks like drapings for me, too much skin and not too much glamour for me. I was happy to see Faith Evans on the carpet and she looked nice but could definitely has done without the fur thing-y. Dencia’s pink essemble was just alittle cartoon-ish for me. Elle King’s Christian Siriano black dress, personally, had too much going on for me, lace, draping, fringes..just too much.

look through the gallery to see the looks.




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