Plaid time!


I love my prints and patterns so when i hear the word PLAID, my mind (and most of yall as well) goes straight to Scottish skirts and culture really but there are just so many ways of incorporating this fashion print into your everyday wear without looking halloween-y.

The gallery above shows the different ways of dressing up the print in a fashion forward way and not just the Scottish round skirts, but also from dresses to pants to accessories, even the kids can rock this print as well. I love my plaid skater dress that features in the collage as well, it takes me from business to party in an instant by simply changing up the accessories. Most people do fear mixing patterns and that comes with plaid as well. My take is to simplify the look by making plaid the focal point of the outfit. In other words, less is more for my wardrobe to give the clean cut look but hey! anything goes really as long as you feel sexy and beautiful.

So next time, you see plaid, embrace it no matter the outfit and rock it!




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