Lace-making is an ancient craft, which started in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. Originally linen, silk, gold, or silver threads were used. Now lace is often made with cotton thread, although linen and silk threads are still available.
According to US Weekly, the raging trend is about realizing lace doesn’t just belong in the bridal or lingerie department. It’s all about co-coordinating pieces with your work wear – from tailored peplum jackets for chic silhouettes to lace riding jackets as well as beautiful dresses that work for after-hours functions. Lace is all about flattering lines, embracing curves and making women feel sexy in silk, lace and sequined numbers. Lace is versatile and can be worn over an event dress or paired with leggings and layered accordingly.
Lace has changed so much since it was first used in fashion. It was seen as quite traditional but with so many fabric developments and modern techniques out there now, it’s brought it back to life. Lace dresses are the sexiest trend this season, and have finally taken center stage on the most stylish stars, including Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Victoria Beckham and many more. Here is how to dress a black lace dress, depending on the look you want to accomplish;
Classy and elegant: Do you hair in a French braid, get a black sequin hand clutch purse with gold accents, a nice garnet bracelet, matching dangle earrings, black silk stockings topped with lace edgings, worn with a garter belt and peekaboo panties, and gold sequin 4 inch minimum heels.

Heavy metal/Goth look: Sky high 80’s shag hair with spikes, a black leather choker with an ivory cameo in the middle, totally forget the purse, fishnet stockings, and knee high black leather boots. Don’t go with the extreme make-up. Call attention to your eyes. They will be the only color on you. Opt instead for a serious shade of red, like a smoked crimson lipstick and highlight your natural beauty.

Serious power player look: raked spike hair with sparkles in it. Use eyeshadow that calls attention to your eyes and makes people want to look at you. Add diamond stud earrings, a single silver bracelet on your left wrist, with nude or transparent stockings. Silver 9 inch stilettos and a black silk reflective wrap to finish that look.
For shorts or tights: Pair a sleek black top, hip hat, and patterned tights with scalloped ivory lace to ground your attire. Instead of wearing nude heels, wear black patent pumps.
Usually, nude shades are of a Victorian-like feel leading to black pumps which balance and add difference to the matchy outfit. Add a silver broach to add a sense of a polished look. Most of all, experiment with the different outfits and enjoy the trend.



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