Hello beautiful and handsome,

Its Friday so i might as well just say TGIF. Its just the 14th or 15th day of the new year and i already feel such a rush and change within. Not just going with the “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” phase most of us go through each January and it phases midway February and probably ceases by Easter Weekend, I am talking about an appreciation of the word HAPPINESS.

So what is with this simple word HAPPINESS or joy? I might never know its entirety but the comfort and peace it gives me each morning and through out the day, is simply amazing and may be you will help me explain it with my few examples. First, unemployment brought some tears and heart break every 30 minutes or so and i could have easily wet my pillows more than i should at least on two or more nights but that strike of midnight on that beautiful New Year’s day brought a realization i could never have come up with and that is to make the best of my year no matter what!

So from that awesome morning, i decided to wipe my tears, put my best smile on (red lip, eyeliner, foundation too) and hold my almost toned head high. Yes, waking up feeling you have no purpose sucks most times but it gave me a determination i have never had before (OK, maybe not as much as saving up for my phone and shoes but you get the point) Instead of looking at the down side of things, i decided to look at the balance of it to find the middle ground of the situation. I had the best rest i have had in a long time, sleep in late, see my friends as much as possible, do random trips, enroll in amazing personal development online courses, look for better opportunities and best of all, enjoy time with my awesome family and eat healthier food each day. These are things i would probably have never thought of if i was so busy stuck on my desk. So that was my up side in this situation.

This has taught me to appreciate each stage of life i am put in, whether good or bad, i am where am meant to be and even if its not an uphill most times, looking at the brighter side of it has helped me be a better and happier person and i actually have the best mindset i have had in a while. Lesson is TO FIND YOUR HAPPY FEET IN EVERY SITUATION. I really hope you do as well.





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