Colbalt blue or what i love to call it – Electric blue has been a hit on the runway for years, mainly because it is great for all skin tones. It is great for mixing with other colors but can become over whelming if worn in a monotone. My best tricks are to add it with the following colors;

1. blacks and greys for a calming effect plus adds a sexy and impressive look.

2. Yellow adds a summer feel and makes the look airy.  If you are looking for a low key outfit, choose lighter shades of yellow. If you want to stand out, bolder shades will do wonders.

3. Whites/ Nudes for a romantic girly look.  Lace, satin, studs and metallic details, will just add up to the versatility, creating an outfit that you can simply describe as lovely. For a more dramatic look, use a red lipstick in the shade that is perfect for your skin tone.

4. Pastels. This is an outfit great for transition period and you can wear it during days and nights, whenever you want to look like you didn’t really try o hard to create an outfit. It is casual and elegant at the same time.

Have a look at my outfit choices.




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