I started my love for writing some decades ago when at 10 years old,i realised i would easily express my feelings and thoughts with a pen and paper. I could draw and write how i felt about the baby doll in a parasole, my mama gave me on my birthday and how tired i was of the cookies she would pack for me for school. It is the same time i discovered my passion for my signature with a butterfly symbol.

Years later, i took my writing passion and transferred it to my little scented note books for little notes for my friends and family. I took that passion and made it my life by having diaries here and there (plus naming them accordingly) i had a diary for everything and anything, from contact diary to poem diary to my little fairy diary for all my thoughts and daily adventures.

Flash forward to three years ago, when i made the biggest transformation yet, by joining other bloggers in their endeavour of sharing their amazing thoughts with the rest of the world, and as usual, i found the perfect name for my blog. MEMOIRS OF A PRINCESS because it is a reflection of me, my thoughts and feelings and i have never been prouder so i want to thank you for all the likes and views. MERCI BEAUCOUP.




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