Channeling your INNER MARILYN!

It is the festive season and what better way for my blog to celebrate than to celebrate style favorites.
Marilyn Monroe 
was the biggest style icon of all time, from her amazing acting skills to her sex bomb style. She continues to inspire fashion and acting up to now but the biggest inspiration she has, is not only in pencil dresses, but her blonde curly hair. If you love her hair, you might love it more when its YOU with it. Here are a few simple steps i take to make my hair look as iconic as the legend herself;

1) To get a soft curl, like the late great Marilyn Monroe, you’re going to need some supplies. Gather a comb, brush, mousse, hairspray, and hot rollers.

2) Start with clean, wet hair and apply an ample amount of a thick mousse through your hair. Part your hair to one side and blow dry.

3) When your hair is dry and your hot rollers are good and hot, start rolling. I recommend starting with the front of your hair where your bangs are located. Create a “mowhawk” down the center of your head and roll your hair, one section at a time.

4) After your rollers are cooled and removed, simple brush your hair out well to remove all “roller marks”. Using your comb, lightly back comb your hair where necessary to add height or shape and then spray with hairspray to hold the look. If your rollers are placed and cooled properly, this type of Marilyn Monroe look should fall into place very easily.

Enjoy rocking the DO.




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