To the ball….

Amazing lights, ball gowns, handsome princes, beautiful love song; everything a magical evening comprises of is what i dream of every night. Yes! am a girly girl with a tiara to my name and a castle in my dreams so i decided to write about ball gowns. Big, extravagant,dramatic and something out of a Disney classic (Anastacia or Cinderella to be precise) is my perfect outfit for a magical night. It just screams elegance and regal. I love the precise structures and color, not forgetting the amazing jewellery that may come with it so yes! award season helps me relive that dream every year. I love winter whites for ball gowns or canary yellow but any color really looks amazing so guess i know what i want for my wedding. LOL! The trick to the looking regal and not just a bird being preyed with a full ball gown on is getting the perfect slip to keep it flowy and round throughout without looking an over blown balloon. The A-line is another simple alternative as it is for all body shapes and is extremely versatile. The mermaid gown is a popular choice because they give the lady a stunning hour glass figure but as it is popular, it is a difficult one to pull off as not every body shape looks amazing in it. The biggest trick for rocking a ball gown is getting one that sweeps the ground as hemlines higher than your ankles just look cheesy and unsmart. Team it up with sparkly jewellery,strappy heels and a classic clutch that matches the color of your dress or heels.


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