Wave goodbye to LIP CHAPPING

wet n wild lipstick, eos lip balm, baby lips revlon lip butter
So we all have those days when our lips seem dry and chappy so i thought i would share my little secrets to beating this little unfashionable look. So here are a few tips and tricks from my bag of tricks;
1. Hydrate your body with lots of water which promotes health and also helps keep the lips moist.
2. Buy a good lipbalm, such as Nivea lip vaseline or chapsticks to keep the lips moist and healthy.
3. Avoid licking your lips all the time because it causes more chapping.
4. Get a nice creamy lipstick, such as Revlon to act like a lip balm and keep moisture in the lips.
5. The best and easiest trick is to use ordinary body vaseline as a lip balm to prevent blisters and dry lips.
6. Try eos under Vaseline before going to bed. The eos lipbalm will hydrate, and the Vaseline will keep in moisture and help moisturize as well.
And lastly, you can use MAC Cosmetics Lip Conditioner. The unisex style tube has a slanted applicator that makes getting into the corners of your mouth super easy. Plus, it can be worn on top of your lipstick for an extra glossy and hydrating finish. So go out with cute buffy and moist lips all day.


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