It begins with YOU…

Sometimes you worry about so many things, how things are meant to be, how you have planned them and how they will turn out to be. Worry does not take the problem away, it removes the fun and joy in situations. Yes! i might be a little worry-puss sometimes, but when i realized you can’t just have stuff your way most times (life is not like that), i decided to go with the flow and see how things turn up. Life is not a story, we write our selves, it is a journey we go through so at the end of the day, you write that story but we can choose to make it memorable.

My 2014 goal is being as happy as i can, no matter the situation so yours truly has taken up all sorts of challenges and exercises to help me keep my smile even when the tears are flowing. So one of the things the challenges have taught me is that no matter which course my life has to take, whether happy or sad, joy has to come first in my heart. When you are completely happy within, most things can not bother you and you might find the humor in certain situations that might have looked worse than they are.

So i decided to let go of trying to control so much and go with the flow like a river. Sometimes we are too afraid to let go and get out in the world but when you realize that life does not start until you start living, you learn to let go of some things and put your happiness first every day. It is a decision and goal to stay happy and go with the flow life’s waves might bring.

So as the year keeps moving forward, am hoping that everyone makes it a point to look for the things that bring them joy and peace and fight for them. Life is too short to live miserably and therefore trying to control things that we might not be able to control should not be a worry issue. When you decide to break free and find your happiness, and not to worry, wonder, and just go with the flow, life becomes easier and less stressful because you are focused on joy. Take it like a new beginning and find the freedom and peace because you choose to be happy, even when life might try to break you. IT BEGINS WITH YOU!!


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