The Dashiki Era

I said it once and i will say it again, 2014 is the year to go out and get noticed fashionably and what better way than with some African inspiration. So the dashiki is a name for the African outfit with universal prints on. Dashiki is derived from a Hausa word danchiki, an inner dress worn under a flowing gown. It is also worn separately as a shirt. The cap worn with a dashiki is called a kufi. Sokoto is the Yoruba word for trousers, and is worn with a dashiki. But this is for formal wear. It comes in all shapes and styles. Frankly my fave is the short wide armed dress as it can go from casual to evening wear. You can go all casual with flat sandals and loosely combed hair ad less makeup or glamor puss with pinned bee hive, statement jewellery pieces and cute heels,like my BFF did in the picture shown above. It is so versatile so the more reason to go out and get your dash on. Have a wonderful week.


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