White ON White!

Welcome to 2014 boys and girls!! This is the year of standing out and being fashionable! There is a tradition of wearing only white on Labor day which just doesn’t make sense to me because white is so chic and is definitely my favorite color. It is so simple, airy,flirty and effortlessly edgy and looks good on anyone. Bright whites add edginess to any outfit while eggshell add sophistication. Mixing lace and linen is so lovely and looks good on any trend throughout the year. Add leather to a white lace attire makes it instantly rad. The trick is not to have a flat look, mix the textures for a runway look. Also layering your white clothes will help add depth to your overall look. Wear a cropped jacket over a long line tank and skirt or maybe wear a long coat over a top and jeans. Being thoughtful with layers and balance is also another way to show off your styling know-how.
Keep your all white outfits looking smart and stylish by creating a sense of structure and shape. If you’re wearing voluminous pieces on the lower half of your body, keep the top half fitted or tucked in. Cinch in shapeless dresses with a belt or by using a structured blazer. If you’re wearing tight pants, balance out your look by wearing over sized tops or jackets. Creating a noticeable shape or silhouette will help keep your all white outfit at the height of chic.
Adding metallic accents like gold and silver makes the outfit futuristic and edgy without looking like you are heading outer space. If you are not a fan of the all white trend, you can just add bits and pieces to your outfit. You can go all white with the accessories such as shoes, bag and jewellery or with the pants or shorts or dress or top alone. You can keep the tones more of white, winter blues and greys to form a uni formality to the ensemble.
So go out and get noticed!


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