Under WHAT?

Most of us might avoid this topic but underwear is as important to an outfit as the outfit itself. The wrong fit can turn a runway look into a trash bin pick out. Wrong underwear can add more bulk, lumps and bumps that we are always seeming to try to hide. But the right ones will give you license to wear just about anything by accentuating your figure to its best advantage. For us, D cup majors, finding the perfect underwear might seem impossible but follow these simple tips from my bag of tricks and you can achieve the very best.
1) Know your size to the T. Comfort is about fit before all else. Underwear that pinches, pulls, squashes, rides up, and generally makes your life as unpleasant as possible should be avoided because you are not supposed to be uncomfortable or in pain. So always measure up before purchasing anything.
2) Accentuate your curves with the high waist briefs which secretly smoothes your tummy and nips your midsection and hips without being too tight, a great choice to wear with dresses that cinch at the waist.
3) Find the perfect bra. This elevates your look to a hole new level. It minimizes your waist too so the secret lies in the perfect uplift and fit for your chest. Always know your size and never go smaller as it will lead into bulky and unattractive looks.
4) Go invisible with boy shorts. Every underwear drawer needs a few pairs of cute but easy-to-wear styles that you’ll reach for again and again. Boy shorts are the men’s boxer equivalent for women. They’re comfy on everyone, no matter your figure. What’s even better about them is that they’re completely seamless, which means you can hide them under tight pants or a figure-skimming dress and no one will know.
5) Have fun experimenting all sorts of trends. Its all about your comfort and feeling sexy from the inside out. So go out there and shop for your new year with a few underwear tips. Don’t be shy about.


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