Chritmas bitsNbites

Christmas is the time of the year for sharing things and just having fun with family and friends. I have a passion for food and not just any kind, sweet treats. I think of myself as a baker and it is one of my therapeutic methods. Its a few days to Christmas and what better way to celebrate but by incorporating sweet treats to your menu. I love cookies and each year, i try making them as festive as i can. One of my faves is lemon vanilla bites because i think lemon just screams festive with its strong aroma and zing but nothing like chocolate makes me think of the holidays. To make your treats stand out, try decorating them. If you new with the idea, a lot of sprinkles and glitter can do the job as long as you remember the festive colors of green and red. I love animated cupcakes and cookies as well. You can decorate anything from rein deers to Santa. The trick is to have fun while making them. Please let the kids join in the fun so it becomes a craft class for them and also family bonding time. I have added a few of my fave ideas for you. So get your edible glue and glitter and of course candy and have FUN!


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