Stripe ON!

The one thing Popeye and Beetlejuice have in common is stripes. Since my love for BW, my love for stripes has increased. This trend is timeless and so versatile. From dresses to bras, stripes are chic, whimsical and classic but since its winter/ cold in most part of the world right now, you can try the warm mmaterials for the trend like sweater or leather. For a vintage twist to an ordinary outfit, add a cute brightly striped scarf. To get rid of the monochrome outfit, add a pair of stripe-printed heels or statement printed necklace for a classic look. If you are concerned that stripes might not flatter your lower half, you should try the striped skirt because the vertical print will elongate and slim your legs. Am so into printed underwear especially bras because they are sexy and just add some fun to any outfit. If you like adventure, you can try mixing prints, with polka dots or florals but just make sure the dimensions vary so as not to look clownish and just have fun.


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